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Word choice: beautiful, pretty, handsome, good-looking, attractive, gorgeous, stunning

beautiful is used to describe someone, usually a woman or child, who is attractive in a very special and noticeable way.

pretty is usually used to describe a girl or woman who is good-looking, with regular features. It can also be used to describe a boy or young man who has an attractive but feminine face.

handsome is usually used to describe a man or boy who is good-looking, with strong regular features. It can also be used to describe a woman, usually an older woman, who has attractive but masculine features.

good-looking can be used to describe anyone who you think is nice to look at.

attractive is used to describe someone who looks good in a way that attracts sexual interest • I can see he's handsome, but I don't find him very attractive.

gorgeous and stunning are emphatic ways of saying that someone is very attractive. Gorgeous is used mostly in spoken English.

Exercise 7. Translate into Russian.


1. an extremely handsome young man; 2. Sam was tall, dark and handsome. 3. his handsome face; 4. a handsome colonial house; 5. a handsome gray-haired woman; 6. He looks really handsome in his uniform, doesn't he? 7. Lena had fallen in love with a rich, handsome Frenchman. 8. My brother was two years older than me, taller, and more handsome. 9. Ozzie left a very handsome tip on the plate. 10. Roy is still as handsome as ever. 11. She received a handsome reward for finding the wallet. 12. The big oil companies made a handsome profit out of the fuel crisis. 13. A handsome pin tucked away in the jewelry box on my dresser is testimony to this accomplishment. 14. Bobby, gay and slender and handsome, has always lived in the ghetto. 15. Christina backed away from Michael, whose handsome face was twisted and distorted by hatred. 16. He was a tall, handsome man who had an air of confidence about him. 17. His features were regular, rather ordinary, though some might well have thought him handsome. 18. The foliage is handsome and the autumn colour is relatively long lasting, yellow and gold with the odd slash of red. 19. The restaurant, open only for dinner, is handsome, cast in a warm golden light.


1. She was even more beautiful than I had remembered. 2. a beautiful bunch of flowers; 3. beautiful music; 4. What a beautiful shot! 5. The weather was beautiful. 6. "Do you like the house?" "Like it? It's beautiful!" 7. a beautiful bird with bright blue feathers; 8. a beautiful catch; 9. What a beautiful woman! 10. a restaurant with beautiful views over Sorrento and the Gulf of Naples; 11. Cornwall has some of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in Britain.12. Florence is such a beautiful city. 13. How did two people like Sara and Rob have such beautiful children? 14. Karen was even more beautiful than I had remembered. 15. Parents always believe that their baby is the most beautiful baby in the world. 16. She has a beautiful smile. 17. Standing in the doorway was a beautiful woman with long black hair and green eyes. 18. That's a beautiful dog. What kind is he? 19. The scenery was incredibly beautiful. 20. You look beautiful tonight.21. And she was wearing a beautiful pair of sapphire earrings Zack had bought her in London. 22. Now she was under a Christmas tree, the most beautiful and best-decorated tree she could imagine. 23. It reminded him of his homeland, his beautiful land of mountains and lakes.24. She found it practical as well as beautiful. 25. The mountains and the lake were calm and beautiful, and at last Elizabeth and I were together. 26. Their beautiful movement and artistic sign language adds a new dimension to the production. 27. The Health Secretary posed for the lens of the famous photographer of beautiful women, Terry O'Neill. 28. There were soldiers who died bravely, and beautiful women who fell in love. 29. Rapunzel herself became the most beautiful woman in the world. 30. One of them was a strikingly beautiful woman in her mid-thirties.


1. She defended her position exceptionally well. 2. an exceptionally talented player; 3. Gloria is an exceptionally gifted singer. 4. Clearly, the research demands access to exceptionally good environmental data, usually in three dimensions. 5. It's exceptionally comfortable and cosy inside but was the closest fitting bag on test. 6. It features good food at exceptionally low prices. 7. The winter just ending had been exceptionally severe, causing great hardship to the poorer people. 8. Theo saw an exceptionally tall figure. 9. Very exceptionally the Bank may alter the above arrangements. 10. You're feeling exceptionally lucky so this is the best of times to launch a few other thoughts.


1. Steve was in a particularly bad mood when he got back. 2. The restaurant is particularly popular with young people. 3. We are hoping to expand our business, particularly in Europe. 4. British farmers, particularly those producing lamb, are very worried. 5. I'm not particularly impressed with their performance. 6. 'Do you want to come to the party?' 'Not particularly.' 7. Exercise reduces the risk of cancer, particularly colon cancer. 8. Yosemite is particularly enjoyable in the winter because there are fewer visitors. 9. And it is particularly inappropriate when applied to the world's waters. 10. Credit cards are particularly useful when travelling and there are often insurance benefits if you pay for your travel through them. 11. None of this left much room for openly expressed admiration for other countries, particularly small and peripheral ones. 12. That was particularly true of two losses -- Minnesota and Wyoming -- in which the Aztecs did not compete strongly. 13. The aim is to develop drugs for several inflammatory diseases, particularly respiratory. 14. The size of the fish, particularly the meat eaters, means a lot of waste will be produced. 15. This is particularly important in areas where the workload is even, such as many long-stay hospitals.

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