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Unit 3. To sir with love Words from the Text.

Find the following words in the text:

  1. происходить, случаться

  2. самоуверенность, апломб

  3. крайний, полный

  4. умысел, сговор, конспирация

  5. порочность, злость

  6. гнев, раздражение

  7. план, проект, программа

  8. предотвращать, мешать

  9. здравомыслящий

  10. крышка

  11. временный, переходной

  12. хорошо знакомый

  13. мерзость, разврат, грязь

  14. грубый, резкий, оскорбительный

  15. целостность, непрерывность

  16. ошибка, промах, недочет

  17. священный, неприкосновенный

  18. кампания, операция

  19. дипломат, политик

  20. наказание

  21. выгода, польза

  22. довольно, достаточно, разумно

  23. ободрять, поощрять, подстрекать

  24. благопристойность, приличие

  25. сочувствие

  26. беспокоящийся, сильно желающий

  27. возвещать, объявлять

  28. терпеть, выносить, допускать

  29. предубеждение, предрассудок

  30. оконное стекло, окно

  31. знакомство, общение

  32. заманивать, завлекать

  33. мучительный, тягостный

  34. смесь, микстура

  35. неудачный, вялый, безжизненный

  36. предлог, повод, отговорка

  37. сложная задача, проблема

  38. преступник, правонарушитель

  39. облегчение

  40. соломинка

Exercise 1. Read the definitions and tell the words from the text.

1. the dried stems of wheat or similar plants that animals sleep on, and that are used for making things such as baskets, hats etc;

2. a false reason given for an action, in order to hide the real reason;

3. a combination of two or more different things, feelings, or types of people;

4. continuing only for a short time;

5. a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal;

6. reasonable, practical, and showing good judgment;

7. to not allow or accept something;

8. polite, honest, and moral behaviour and attitudes that show respect for other people;

9. the state of continuing for a period of time, without problems, interruptions, or changes;

10. offensive or rude, especially in a sexual way;

11. a feeling of comfort when something frightening, worrying, or painful has ended or has not happened;

12. to happen;

13. the person who is guilty of a crime or doing something wrong;

14. used to emphasize how great or complete something is;

15. if an idea or thought ____ to you, it suddenly comes into your mind;

16. a performance, book etc that is ____ lacks interest, excitement, or energy;

17. if someone's behaviour or a performance is ____, it is so bad that it embarrasses people; 18. worried about something;

19. a false reason given for an action, in order to hide the real reason;

20. a strong feeling of wanting to hurt or criticize someone because they have done something bad to you or been unkind to you;

21. to give someone the courage or confidence to do something;

22. in a confident and skilful way, especially when you have to deal with difficult problems or a difficult situation;

23. something that tests strength, skill, or ability, especially in a way that is interesting;

24. something violent or harmful which you do to punish someone for something bad they have done to you;

25. violent and cruel in a way that hurts someone physically;

26. very offensive language, stories, or pictures about sex;

27. to persuade someone to do what you want, especially in a dishonest way;

28. an official plan that is intended to help people in some way, for example by providing education or training;

29. to prevent something or make something impossible;

30. very unkind in a way that is intended to hurt someone's feelings or make their character seem bad;

31. making you feel very upset, or very difficult and unpleasant for you;

32. a relationship with a particular person, organization, group etc;

33. a piece of glass used in a window or door;

34. a cover for the open part of a pot, box, or other container;

35. an unreasonable dislike and distrust of people who are different from you in some way, especially because of their race, sex, religion etc - used to show disapproval;

36. to be a sign of something that is going to come or happen soon;

37. well-known to you and easy to recognize;

38. belief in or support for a plan, idea, or action, especially a political one;

39. if something bad that has happened is your ____, you should be blamed for it, because you made a mistake or failed to do something;

40. quite or to a satisfactory degree, but not completely;

41. very important or greatly respected;

42. a series of actions intended to achieve a particular result relating to politics or business, or a social improvement;

43. an advantage, improvement, or help that you get from something;

44. someone who officially represents their government in a foreign country;

45. dirt, especially a lot of it.

Exercise 2. Add the adjectives from the text to the following nouns; translate the word- combinations into Russian.

1. __________ morning;

2. __________ __________ benefit;

3. __________ impression;

4. __________ _________ teacher;

5. __________ treatment;

6. __________ ___________ anger;

7. __________ ___________ review;

8. __________ teacher;

9. __________ ___________ idea;

10. __________ procession;

11. __________ things;

12. __________ __________ pretext;

13. __________ teacher;

14. __________ __________ attention.

Exercise 3. Add the nouns from the text to the following adjectives; translate the word- combinations into Russian.

1. the pre-recess ________;

2. wide innocent ________;

3. the deliberate noisy ________;

4. the trend of individual and collective ________;

5. ……..very little ________ was given to me.

6. the rare feathered ________;

7. a thick pane of ________;

8. the sort of intellectual ________;

9. a conspiracy of ________;

10. to destroy its planned ________;

11. an ugly ________;

12. a mixture of ________ and ________’

13. so little ________;

Exercise 4. Fill in the necessary preposition. Translate the word-combinations into Russian.

1. it is ___ advantage ___ both pupils and teacher; 2. to find some way to get ___ ___ them; 3. to devote attention ___; 4. to feel sick ___ heart; 5. to fly with R.A.F. ___ the war years; 6. to be associated ___; 7. to be careless ___; 8. books ___ the psychology; 9. to do ___ smb’s benefit; 10. to remark ___ smb; 11. ___ any silly pretext; 12. ___ his own words; 13. to display utter disrespect ___; 14. to get close ___ smb; 15. to play ___ smb’s hands; 16. to be overcome ___ anger; 17. to be safe ___ any form of reprisal; 18. to create problems ___ the domestic framework; 19. to spend some time ___ doing smth; 20. to improve smb’s English ___ terms of spelling; 21. to give attention ___; 22. to provide smb ___ smth; 23. to move ___ ___ the second phase; 24. a conspiracy ___ indifference; 25. to speak ___ a loud voice.

Exercise 5. Translate into English.

  • отдавать себе отчет

  • сочувствовать кому-либо

  • редкая птичка

  • указать

  • временный

  • последний урок перед большой переменой

  • играть кому-то на руку

  • в разумных пределах

  • осмелюсь сказать

  • первое знакомство

  • поставить задачу

  • директор школы

  • именно кто-то должен

  • не терпеть вмешательства

  • ничего не сказать

  • держаться самоуверенно

  • быть вне себя от гнева

  • стараться изо всех сил

  • крайнее неуважение

  • в сущности

  • огорчаться

  • побеспокоиться

  • оказаться не на высоте

  • записать

  • по всякому глупому поводу

  • прерывать урок

  • Как ты смеешь!

  • только мне решать

  • совершенствовать навыки

  • узнать, что интересует учащихся

  • как я выгляжу в их глазах

  • давать пищу для размышлений

  • сердиться на

  • быть священным

  • смешанное чувство облегчения и разочарования

  • поощрять кого-либо

  • уделить внимание кому-то или чему-то

  • для их собственной пользы

  • птицелов

  • объявить, возвестить

  • выйти из себя

  • свободно делать что-либо

  • иметь преимущество для

  • небрежный

  • громкий стук

  • не видеть смысла

  • увлечь, заинтересовать

  • предшественник

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