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To advantage

1. Early consultation with your neighbour can also be to your advantage. 2. In Fear, as it focuses tightly on a single subject and its effects, the 50-minute length is to its advantage. 3. No doubt members would calculate whether it was to their advantage to have the waiting period reduced to 12 months. 4. Using the Chrysler would be to his advantage. 5. Yet they can only survive in warm or temperate climes, and it would be to their advantage to grow bigger. 6. You have to use whatever height you are to your advantage.

3. Admit (verb)

1. "Well, I suppose there is some truth in what you say," she admitted. 2. Admit it! You lied to me! 3. Blake finally admitted he had stolen the money. 4. Children under 17 will not be admitted. 5. He admits to stealing the car. 6. In the end he had to admit that I was right. 7. In the past, some countries refused to admit travelers who had South African visas. 8. Maggie asked the nurses to find a doctor who would admit Roy, but they didn't call anyone. 9. Rachel admitted that she had made a mistake.10. Richard Maldonado admitted accepting bribes. 11. The hospital refused to admit liability for the deaths of the two young children. 12. They refused to admit Paul to the performance because of what he was wearing.13. You may not like her, but you have to admit that she's good at her job. 14. You were wrong, weren't you? Come on, admit it! 15. After the death of Asbury, the Methodists in 1816 adopted a report that admitted they were powerless to abolish the evil. 16. Characteristic is a reluctance to admit the quantity consumed, drinking secretly alone, and taking gradually increasing amounts. 17. I will accept your tequila, but not until after you have admitted your wrongs. 18. I would have admitted to murder to keep her out of it. 19. There I was admitted by the butler, of all people. 20. Tickets are $ 10, available at the door, with children under age 12 not admitted. 21. You may not like Joan, but you have to admit that she's good at her job. 22. But the Phillips pick was a bigger risk than the football world likes to admit. 23. Even Packard admitted to himself that the unusual wildflower must have been a fluke, or misidentified. 24.New chairman, Tory councillor Keith Bland admitted that the council had made mistakes. 25. Shortly before his third birthday, Andrew was admitted to the same country hospital in which he had been born. 26. That mythical policeman whom your Major saw for just one second, as he admitted? 27. This suggests to Ishmael that the entire universe is more closely interrelated than man has yet admitted. 28. Tranmere Rovers manager John Aldridge has been fined after admitting misconduct. 29. A quarter of all workers admit to taking time off when they are not sick. 30. Dana admitted feeling hurt by what I said. 31. Only members will be admitted to the club for tonight's performance. 32. Twenty-five students were admitted to the National Honor Society in a ceremony yesterday. 33. As described earlier, in Ipswich a multi-disciplinary psychogeriatric team maintained involvement with all patients whether or not they were admitted to an institution. 34. He went down without taking a degree and was admitted to the Inner Temple in 1770. 35. If you are admitted to hospital for in-patient treatment, your allowance can continue for up to twelve weeks.

Deny (verb)

1. Bowlam denied all charges of selling drugs to children. 2. Did he actually deny meeting Jenny that night? 3. His parents denied him the opportunity to go to university. 4. I realized I'd been denying a lot of angry feelings toward my mother. 5. I saw you do it, so don't try to deny it! 6. Parry's appeal to the courts was denied. 7. She has been denied the right to appeal to the Supreme Court.8. The act of stealing denied everything she had been taught. 9. The foreman had not informed us that the paraffin might explode. In fact he had categorically denied there was any danger.10. The scientists have been denied the necessary funds for their research program. 11. The singer denies that he copied the tune from an old Beatles song. 12. Up to 450 disaster victims were denied compensation by their insurers. 13. The defendants deny conspiracy to defraud. 14. The hummocks denied any sure footing. 15. The network has denied the charges.

admission (noun)

1. Admission is only $3.50. 2. No admission after 10 p.m. 3. The court may assume that your silence is an admission of guilt 4. You only married him for his money? What an admission! 5. Raise college admissions standards so that young people have an incentive to work harder and achieve more in high school. 6. She now works in the university admissions office. 7. Some aspects of shared planning are valuable enough to survive regardless of the competition for school admissions. 8. By his own admission, he was naive. 9. Fewer than one in five of the schools answering the survey said they have no academic admissions criteria for new students. 10. Merrill worries aloud about the consequences to Barnard and Columbia if need-blind admissions were discontinued. 11. Similar changes have already begun in the admissions process for undergraduate students entering in 1998. 12. The admission charge is 20p and all the proceeds will go to the Northern Ireland Hospice. 13. We did not include in the analysis admissions to hospital on the day of enrolment. 14. When interviewed by complaints department officers he made similar allegations about fabrication of admissions. 15. Dinner and dance lessons, no admission charge. 16. Opening times and admission charges have not yet been published. 17. Our admission charge rations us to one programme. 18. The admission charge is 20p and all the proceeds will go to the Northern Ireland Hospice. 19. The exhibition is free, but there is an admission charge to the Castle. 20. The new season will also bring admission charge to Museum of Flight, £2 for adults and £1 children and concessions.

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