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Unit 3. To Sir with Love.

Vocabulary Notes.

1. School

1. He argued for the abolition of the public schools, which he says are elitist. 2. He seems to be very much part of the Marxist school in his approach to politics. 3. I've only been out of school a couple of years, but I've forgotten all the math I learned. 4. One school of thought argues that introducing stiffer penalties would bring the crime rate down. 5. The whole school was sorry when she left. 6. There is no denying the influence of the Impressionist school in his painting. 7. Putting off medical school for one long, last tour of the world, she ended up settling in Florida. 8. The goals include upgrading teachers' performance and boosting to 90 percent the number of students who graduate from high school.


1. Walter only had seven years of schooling. 2. The skills needed are mostly those which our schooling found useless and it has atrophied them without irreparably damaging them. 3. We hear terrible things of your schooling system in my country, and I've met a lot of you. 4. The conference will also discuss the legalisation of the use and sale of cannabis and whether denominational (относящийся к некоторой религиозной конфессии) schooling should be ended. 5. The use of education services has become more equal during the years of compulsory schooling. 6. This will help pupils to develop a personal love of reading which will continue after compulsory schooling.


1. For quite a long time, scholars have attempted to discover exactly what effects television has on our young. 2. Her husband, Calvin Stowe, was a minister and scholar. 3. However, legal scholars and noted criminal attorneys have warned against drawing any quick conclusions. 4. The booklet provides full translations, and an excellent introduction by the doyen of Handel scholars, Winton Dean. 5. While I hold these scholars and practitioners in the highest regard, I have not relied exclusively on their work.


1. Admitted to Mills College on a full scholarship, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa without a penny of help from her parents. 2. At 9, he became a boy soprano, beginning a six-year music scholarship in a cathedral choir. 3. The Foundation's goals include providing scholarships for gifted young students. 4. I attended the University of Houston on an athletic scholarship. 5. The company has a small number of college scholarships to offer to employees' children. 6. However popular the school might be at any moment, many of the students were needy and on scholarship. 7. Frank, at the age of 16, had already won a scholarship to Trinity College in Cambridge.

2. Advantage (noun)

1. Her experience meant that she had a big advantage over her opponent. 2. His height gives him an advantage over the other players. 3. Companies that receive government subsidies have an unfair advantage. 4. Western countries enjoyed considerable advantages in terms of technology. 5. Younger workers tend to be at an advantage when applying for jobs. 6. It might be to your advantage to take a computer course of some kind. 7. One of the many advantages of living in New York is that you can eat out at almost any time of day. 8. The hotel is not very modern, but it does have the advantage of being close to the city centre. 9. Don't lend them the car - they're taking advantage of you! 10. I took advantage of the good weather to paint the shed. 11. You'll want to take full advantage of the beachfront clubs.

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