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To have /gain /win /give an advantage over smb

1. Those firms within the Community which employ labour illicitly will reduce their labour costs and gain a competitive advantage in production. 2. At first capital only gained advantage in relation to labor and may even have lost some ground to the state. 3. Salary caps are imposed to prevent richer clubs gaining an unfair advantage over poorer rivals by offering players inflated salaries. 4. The battle developed into one of maneuvering and firing with neither vessel gaining the advantage. 5. This seemed to gain him a psychological advantage, since White's opening initiative had evidently petered out by this point. 6. Females, by contrast, gain no advantage by mating with many males. 7. Neither was ever able to gain any decided advantage. 8. Catterson also observed that e-mail links between plants and subsidiaries of the same company can give union negotiators the advantage of surprise. 9. That gave me a slight advantage. 10. Mind you, this does give me an unfair advantage. 11. Most teams have mere men playing that position, which gives Cleveland an extraordinary advantage. 12. Finally, remember that fishing from a punt gives you a tremendous advantage.

To have the advantage of

1. Fortunately in trying to fathom out what happened next we have the advantage of the known laws of science. 2. Mike also seems to have the advantage of male confidence. 3. There are only 2 now, though they do have the advantage of mechanisation. 4. Therefore, managed floating does not have the advantage of making redundant the holding of official reserves. 5. They would have the advantage of being able to operate outside public expenditure controls. 6. Tidal schemes have the advantage of regularity, an integrated electricity system could organise itself according to high and low water. 7. You have the advantage of being able to raise money, to create news, of having a high level of recognition.

To take advantage of smth

1. It was the young people of Edinburgh who took advantage of late-night hours, not visitors, he argued. 2. But no party is willing to refuse to take advantage of these loopholes when the other party is doing it. 3. This can be taken advantage of at any point within a word. 4. While S-HTTP will be able to take advantage of ubiquitous certification infrastructures, its deployment does not require it. 5. It can also, in another sense, be regarded as taking advantage of the vulnerability of the recipient of the threat. 6. Nothing is more destructive to a partnership than for one partner to feel that he or she is being taken advantage of. 7. She gasped at the easy way in which he took advantage of her lack of physical strength to fight him.8. Gooden has seen friends take advantage of Sheffield. 9. Accordingly he took advantage of a new pope to address the curia for favourable letters. 10. Meanwhile, authorities can take advantage of experience with the existing system in both rural and urban areas. 11. Skaven erupt to take advantage of the disaster. 12. The commission estimates that at least seven companies took advantage of the program. 13. The Franks took advantage of this by seizing some islands which the Saxons had held. 14. The Project also took advantage of the vast numbers of our supporters eager to stand up to the bullies at the clinics. 15. We just hope tens of thousands of other Star subscribers can take advantage of this major price cut, too.

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