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MD (Managing Director)

Sales Director

The company is headed by the MD.

The Sales Director reports to the MD.

The Sales Director is under the MD.

The Sales Director is accountable to the MD.

Sales team

Sales Director

Sales Assistant

The Sales Director is supported by Sales team.

The Sales Director is assisted by a Sales Assistant.

Responsibilities / functions

The Finance Department is responsible for accounting.

The R&D Department takes care of new product development.

The Administration Manager is in charge of personnel.


Below are the main managerial titles with US equivalents in brackets:

Chairman (President)

Managing Director (Chief Executive Officer/Senior Vice-president)

Finance Director (Vice-President Finance)

Sales Manager (Sales Director)


The Directors and Chairman of a company usually sit on the Board of Directors (Executive Board).


Car Division

Sales Department

Production Department





Maintenance Section

After-sales Section


X is parent company.

A, B and C are subsidiaries (more than 50 % owned by the parent).


A (51%)

B (70%)

C (55%)

Exercise 24. Read the text about Rossomon PLC and complete the organisation chart below.

I’d like to say a few words about the organisational structure of Rossomon. Now, if you look at the transparency you will see that the Managing Director, that is Mr. Bunce, is responsible for running the company and is accountable to the Board.

Now, he is assisted by four executive departments. These are Hu­man Resources, which is responsible for personnel, training and man­agement development, then there is the Finance Department which takes care of corporate finance and accounting; next we have the Management Services Department, led by Peter Jenkins who is in charge of rationalisation throughout the company; and finally there is R&D Department – research and development – which works closely with 4 regions on new product development.

Now then, the four regions are supported by two sections – Mar­keting and Technical Services. They are organised on a matrix basis with section leaders accountable to the Regional Managers. They work closely with the regions on the marketing and technical side.

Now, in addition to the parent company, Rossomon has three sub­sidiaries, namely Rossomon France, Germany and Japan. The sub­sidiaries report to Export Sales Department, which in turn is accountable to the Board.

Right, well that’s a brief overview. Are there any questions?

Organization chart Rossomon plc

Rossomon France




Rossomon Japan


Human Resources Department






4 -----------------------------



Marketing Section


Exercise 25. Use the organisation chart in exercise24and the language above to complete the sentences:

  1. The Managing Director _____ to the Board.

  2. The Managing Director _____ for running the company.

  3. The Managing Director _____ by four executive departments.

  4. _____ the Managing Director, there are four regional divisions.

  5. Each Regional Manager _____ of a territory.

  6. The four regions _____ by two other sections – Marketing and Technical Services.

  7. The Section Leaders _____ to the Regional Managers.

  8. In addition to the _____ company, Rossomon has three _____: Rossomon France, Germany and Japan.

  9. The subsidiaries _____ to the Export Sales Department.

  10. The Export Sales Department is _____ to the Board.

Exercise 26. Complete each of the following sentences with in,onorfor.

    1. Olga Blanc is ____computers.

    2. She has been working ____a big computer company for five years.

    3. She is based ____Paris.

    4. She works ____the external communications department.

    5. At the moment she is working ____the design of the company’s website.

    6. She is responsible ____ the development of an important part of the site.

    7. She is very interested ____ Website design.

    8. She depends ____ the web and on personal contacts for new ideas.

    9. She spends one or two hours every day on the Web getting information ____ all the latest developments.

    10. She is happy because there is a big demand ____ good website designers at the moment.

Exercise 27. Match the business card (a – l)with job descriptions(1 – 12).

Alice Hernandez

Chief Accountant

François Barbot

Assistant General Manager

1 7

Li WanSecretary


Director of Research and Development

2 8

Lena Johansson

Purchasing Manager

Jim Nicks

Production Manager

3 9

Kate Hogg

Public Relations Manager

Santi Bronello

Sales Director

4 10

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