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John sutton

Managing Director

Dietrich Hoffmeister

Finance Director

5 11

Linda Gabbiadini

Human Resources Director

Padryg Burne

Marketing Director

6 12

  1. I’m responsible for everything when the boss is away.

  2. My job is to give information to the public that will create a good impression of the company.

  3. I’m responsible for the company’s sales budget.

  4. I can consult you about last year’s development costs.

  5. I’m in charge of people who try to develop new products and ideas and improve existing ones.

  6. My job is to choose suppliers and agree contracts with them to provide the equipment, materials or services that are used by the company.

  7. I have general responsibility for running the company on a daily basis.

  8. I’m in charge of the process of making goods or materials.

  9. I type letters, file papers and organize the work of the office.

  10. I’m responsible for presenting, advertising and selling a company’s products in the best possible way.

  11. I’m involved in choosing, training and taking care of employees in the organization, especially in helping them develop their skills and abilities in a way that will help the company.

  12. My job is to keep or check the financial records of the company give financial advice.

Exercise 28. Choose the proper English equivalent for.


Production Manager


Керівник відділу закупок


Works Manager


Керівник відділу кадрів




Директор з маркетингу


Financial Director


Управляючий, керівник підприємства, заводу


Overseas Sales Manager


Управляючий, керівник продажу на внутрішньому ринку


Advertising Manager


Керівник з зв’язків з громадськістю


Chief Accountant


Керівник виробництва


The Board




Purchasing Manager




Personnel Manager


Фінансовий директор


Marketing Director


Завідуючий (керівник) експортними операціями


Managing Director


Керівник відділу реклами


Home Sales Manager


Головний бухгалтер


Public Relations Manager


Рада директорів фірми

Exercise 29. Below you will see a chart showing the way in which a company could be organized. In some cases, a word is missing from the chart. Find the correct word from the following list. Use each word once only.

Accountant Control Manager Processing

Administration Head Managing Recruitment

Advertising Innovation Market Salaries

Board Mail Personnel Stock

Exercise 30. Complete the organisation chart from the information provided. Two examples have been done for you. (Note that there are various ways of constructing an organisation chart. This is one of the most usual.)


Departments each headed by a Director

Example of personnel in sales department

The Managing Director (sometimes called the Chief Executive, or President in the USA) is the head of the company.

The company is run by a Board of Directors; each Director is in charge of a department. However, the Chairman of the Board is in overall control and may not be the head of any one department.

Most companies have Finance, Sales, Marketing (sometimes part of Sales), Production, Research and Development (R & D) and Personnel Departments. These are the most common departments, but some companies have others as well.

Most departments have a Manager, who is in charge of its day-to-day running, and who reports to the Director; the Director is responsible for strategic planning and for making decisions.

Various personnel in each department report to the Manager. One example, present in almost all companies, is the Sales Representative, who reports to the Sales Manager.

Exercise 31. Read the text about BIOPAINTS INTERNATIONAL and draw the organization chart.

  • Philip, do you think you could tell us something about how BIOPAINTS INTERNATIONAL is actually organized?

  • Yes, certainly. We employ about 2000 people in two different locations. Most people work here at our headquarters plant and this is where we have our administrative departments, of course.

  • Well, perhaps you could tell something about departmental structure?

  • Yes, certainly. First of all, as you know, we’ve got two factories: one here in Perth, Australia, and the other is in Singapore. Lee Boon Eng is the other General Manager over there in Singapore.

  • And you are completely independent of each other. Is that right?

  • Oh, yes. Our two plants are fairly independent. I’m responsible to George Harris, the Production Manager, and we have to cooperate closely with Rosemary Broom, the Marketing Manager, and Dorothy Monks, the Sales Manager, who is accountable to Mrs Broom. Otherwise, as far as day-to-day running is concerned we’re pretty much left alone to get on with the job. Oh, and I’ve forgot to mention Finance. The Finance Director is Weimin Tan. She’s a very important woman and her task is to make sure the money side of things is OK. The accountants and such people report to her directly. Mary Meier is the Accounts Manager. There’s Personnel, too. But that’s quite separate. Deidre Spencer is the Personnel Manager and the Training Manager, Frank Milton, is accountable to her, of course.

  • What about Research and Development? Isn’t that a separate department?

  • Well, in terms of laboratories there are two, one at each production plant. But it’s a separate department and it has a separate head and that’s Dr.Tarcisius Chin.

  • Are there any other features worth mentioning?

  • There’s the Planning Department. Jao Fuong is in charge of that. And the Purchasing Department headed by Brian Scanlon. They are buying materials for the production.

  • And what about the Board of Directors and the Chairman?

  • They’re at the top, of course. I mean, a couple of the Executives are the Directors themselves. Reece Hatchitt is the Chairman. The Managing Director, of course. That’s Robert Leaf.

Exercise 32. Describe the typical management structure of a British company using the organizational chart:


The Board of Directors The Board of Directors

Managing Director

Personnel Financial Marketing Production

Officer Director Director Director

Chief Sales Public Advertising Works/ Purchasing

Accountant Manager Relations Manager Factory Manager

Manager Manager

Exercise 33. Describe the typical management structure of an American company using the organizational chart:


Executive Board Executive Board

Senior Vice-President & Chief Executive

Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President

Shipping Production Marketing Finance &


Production Production Director Export Sales Financial Personnel

Director Director Research & Sales Director Controller Manager

Europe N.America Development Director N.America

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