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5. Which names for types of books or other reading material would best fit these statements?

  1. It's by General Rogers who led the allied forces during the recent war.

  1. It's so badly written I don't know how anyone could learn how to use the video camera by reading it.

  1. I recommend it. If you want to read a typical selection of English poets, it's excellent.

  2. The latest issue contains a paper by Professor Colin Frith, in which he presents a new theory of the human mind.

6. Here are some things famous people have said about books. What do you think they mean?

  1. 'All books are divisible into two classes, the books of the hour, and the books of all time.' (John Ruskin: British philosopher)

  2. 'Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.' (Francis Bacon: British philosopher and essayist)

7. Translate from English into Russian

  1. This year a new book by Jonathan Coe has come out and it has got lots of good reviews.

  2. Ray Bradbury’s book «Something wicked this way comes» deals with the adventures of two friends in the centre of frightening and dangerous carnival.

  3. The most famous dystopias of XX century never worked out well for the central characters.

  4. The opening and closing chapters of the book «Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close» are both harrowing and sad, however, this work is really highly recommended.

  5. Don’t read this book, it is really heavy going. It’s better to read something pleasant and easier.

  6. My friend managed to wade through 500 pages of the book «Great Expectations». It was so much for him.

  7. This book is a page-turner, I can’t tear myself away of it!

  8. ​ I’ve picked some holes in this manual, I don’t recommend it to you.

  9. If you like films working out well, don’t watch this one, its closing scene is really unhappy.

  10. ​ I know that you’re fond of many English poets, why won’t you buy an anthology with them?

  11. ​ Now this journal comes out monthly not weekly.

  12. ​ I’m eager to buy some memoirs of a popular writer but I don’t know what to choose. Will you recommend me something?

  13. ​ I am an armchair critic but this compendium is so hackneyed and disjointed.

  14. There is a recorded test of the ship of 1867 in this logbook.

  15. This site has a great amount of reviews written by film critic Tim Brown for many of the best movies ever made throughout the history of cinema. 

  16. A new book of the famous English writer, Joanne Rowling, will come out on this Friday. It is know that the book doesn’t deal with magic, it is based on a true story.

  17. This book captures the atmosphere of adventure, true friendship and love, and it works out well, so you will definitely enjoy it.

  18. The central character in this book is a famous and brilliant actress having everything in her life- family, beauty, fame and money, but suddenly her life begin to change.

  19. The opening and the closing scenes of this film are quite alike. In the beginning there is a funeral procession, but at the end we see a pompous wedding ceremony.

  20. I don’t stand physics, but I have to wade through the whole textbook in the next two days to pass my physics exam.

  21. At the weekends I decided to read a novel that my sister loves so much. To my surprise, it was really heavy going that I didn’t manage to wade it through.

  22. I’ve read this book for 2 days though there are 400 pages in it. The plot is so gripping and I couldn’t tear myself away from it. It is a real turn-pager.

  23. The critics did a hatchet job on his latest opera that is quite strange because all his previous works have been highly praised.

  24. The lawyer picked holes in the witness's story.Stop picking holes in everything I say!

  25. While abroad he had kept a journal in which he recorded his every step..

  26. Francie’s poetry is published in many magazines and anthologies, and a first collection is being prepared.

  27. Before using any electronic device it’s better to read attentively a manual which contains all the necessary instructions.