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Word study

Ex. 10. Study the different meaning of the word “item” and use it to translate the


item n - 1. предмет, товар, изделие

  1. 2. пункт, статья

3. сообщение(вгазете)

4. вопрос

5. название,номер

  1. Let us know what items of the equipment are most liable to damage (подверженыповреждениям).

  2. Another large item of expenditure in that country is defence.

  3. Some items were supplied in increased quantities.

  4. They proceeded with the tests of the above-mentioned item in accordance with the terms of the contract.

  5. We disagree on several items.

Ex. 11. Match the words with their definitions.

____ private property a) an economic model that calls for government control of

all important economic activities.

____ profit b) land or belongings owned by a person or group and kept

for exclusive use.

____ an order c) an economy in which business activities and the

allocation of resources are determined by government

order rather than market forces.

____ raw materials d) style in clothes, cosmetics, behaviour, etc

____ central planning e)a motivating influence; stimulus

f) the income held to be the motivating factor of all economic

____ command economy activity in a capitalist economy

____ fashion g) basic natural materials before any manufacturing

____ incentive h) an instruction that must be obeyed; command

Ex. 12. Give English equivalents to the following words and phrases.

владеть фабриками, землей и природными ресурсами__________________________

отдавать приказы_________________________________________________________

издавать приказы _________________________________________________________

планирование ____________________________________________________________

планировать на пять лет вперед _____________________________________________

преимущества и недостатки ________________________________________________

гарантировать ____________________________________________________________

предметы роскоши ________________________________________________________

побудительный мотив _____________________________________________________

личная собственность ______________________________________________________

стоять перед проблемой ____________________________________________________


Ex. 13. Study these pairs of words:

Advantage – disadvantage

order – disorder

to agree – to disagree

What does prefix dis-mean in the English word-building? Can you give some more examples of this rule?

Ex. 14. Define what parts of speech these words are.

  1. differ, different, difference

  2. to vary, various, variety

  3. efficient, efficiency, efficiently.

Ex. 15. Fill in the blanks with the words from Ex. 14.

  1. The enterprise is working _____________________.

  2. There is a _______________ of reasons for high unemployment in this region.

  3. Prices of the same agricultural products ____________________ from region to region.

  4. There is not any _____________ between these two methods, only the names ___________ .

  5. These two economists are interested in ___________________ fields of economics.

  6. They have raised _____________________ of their work by means of new machinery.

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