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3. Explain the meaning of the words and word combinations in English and use them in the situations of your own.

gastric ulcer

duodenal ulcer



a still birth

mentally underdeveloped

vigorous exercise


to secrete

to impair healing power

to accelerate a cancerous growth


to restrict physical fitness

the onset of severe illness

congenital heart disease

withdrawal symptoms

an act of defiance

a sign of maturity

4. Translate into English.

Cтравохід і міхур, гортань, хвороба серця, виразка дванадцятипалої кишки, виразка шлунку, вроджене захворювання, страждати від ушкодження легенів, небезпека, ризикувати, мокротиння/слиз, зменшувати спроможність крові постачати кисень, ріст ракових клітин, погіршувати здатність до загоювання, викликати запаморочення та головні болі, чадний газ, подразники, неприємний симптом відмови від куріння (ломка), займатися енергійними вправами, спортивні досягнення, прояв серйозного захворювання, спокуса, вселяти впевненість, шкідливі речовини, вдихати, бути схильним до чогось, показник зрілості, прояв непокори.

5. Transcribe the words.

Duodenal, bronchitis, congenital, adolescents, monoxide, carcinogens, bronchial, withdrawal, toughness, defiance, cigarette.

6. Match the words to form the meaningful word combinations.

1. a sign of a. damaging effect

2. cancerous b. physical fittness

3. mentally c. growth

4. to cause d. defiance and rebellion

5. a low tar e. symptoms

6. a long-term f. power

7. at a late g. cigarette

8. breathing h. side effects

9. to run i. underdeveloped

10. an act of j. substances

11.withdrawal k. maturity

12.to restrict l. date

13.healing m. a risk

14.harmful n. tubes

7. Read the text and discuss it using the active vocabulary.

Examination Fever

For most of the year, most of us had been allergic to work; apparently there had been a history of such allergies in the school.

Throughout the spring there had been quite a few cases of ‘Exams are stupid’, which proved highly contagious among friends.

Then in late May, one or two of us suffered a mild attack of ‘Gosh, is it really next month?’ and we seemed to give that to the others rather rapidly. You could tell how it was spreading from improved attendance at lessons.

An even more serious outbreak was that of the very infectious ‘I don’t know a thing’ two weeks before. At about the same time everyone seemed to catch ‘You’re no good!’ from the teachers. Then there was a bout of ‘I don’t really care’ followed by a few chronic cases of ‘My parents will kill me’. This again proved very catching; half the class was down with it in the week leading up to the exam itself, and it had reached epidemic proportions by the Friday before.

By this time, those who had been suffering from ‘It’ll be easy for me’ had made a total recovery.

That Friday there was a ‘What if I’m suffering from amnesia?’ scare, and this had developed by Monday into a touch of ‘I can’t even remember my own name’.

There were also, of course, the normal isolated cases of ‘My pen doesn’t work’ and several pupils had a sudden fit of ‘Where’s the toilet?’

Afterwards there were a couple of complaints of ‘I know I’ve failed’, but generally the worst seemed to be over. Such diseases are rarely terminal. And after all, we had a convalescence and recuperation period of six and a half weeks to follow.

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