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14. Choose the right form.

1. Dentists recommend brushing teeth with a fluoride toothpaste to…… them from decay.

a) arm b) defend c) guard d) protect

2. Have you got toothache? Your face looks ……

a) big b) enlarged c) expanded d) swollen

3. I had to have two ….. when I went to the dentist last week. a) cavities b) fillings c) paddings d) refills

4. She always pays ….. visits to the dentist.

a) customary b) habitual c) normal d) regular

5. The dentist told him to open his mouth ….. .

a) broad b) greatly c) much d) wide

6. He ….. when the dentist touched the bad tooth.

a) alarmed b) dreaded c) laughed d) winced

7. Robert is very ….. about the cost of his dental treatment.

a) ashamed b) pained c) sorry d) worried

8. I'm ….. having to pay yet another visit to the dentist.

a) afraid b) dreading c) frightened d) terrified

9. The ….. in one of my teeth has come out, so I'm going to the dentist.

a) cover b) completion c) filling d) replacement

10. He made a note of the appointment with his dentist in his ….. .

a) diary b) directory c) journal d) register

11. She phoned her dentist to say she was unable to ….. her appointment.

a) arrive b) hold c) keep d) stand

12. She put ….. going to the dentist although her teeth needed attention.

a) away b) in c) off d) out

13. The small girl had to have four teeth ...... because they were so bad.

a) broken b) pulled c) taken away d) taken out

14. The loss of a front tooth has left an unsightly ….. in her teeth.

a) gap b) hole c) slot d) space

15. In some countries more and more young people now need ….. teeth.

a) false b) spare c) unnatural d) untrue

15. Fill in the blanks with the words below. You may need to change the form оf the words. Each word can be used only once.

cavity cement dentist dentures disease equipment

examine fill gums interval lose nerve

pain practice preventive tooth treat treatment

General Dental Practice

General dental ….. includes mouth examination, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of…… . There ….. frequently uses X-rays and other ….. to ensure correct diagnosis and ….. .

Treatment may include filling ….., removing the ….. of teeth, treating diseases оf the ….., removing ….., and replacing ….. teeth with bridges and….. .

Anesthesia іs often used in any treatment that might cause….. . Teeth may be ….. with amalgam, or….. .

Perhaps one of the most important parts of a dentist's work is ….. dentistry. If a dentist ….. a patient's teeth at regular …., he may find and ….. a disease before іt becomes serious.

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