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4. Match the words with their definitions.

1. allergic (adj.)

a) to make something less painful or less strong

2. dental (adj)

b) a small tube-shaped part inside the body below the stomach

3. homeopathy (n)

c) relating to teeth

4. vaccination (n)

d) a way of treating illnesses using very small amounts of natural substances

5. deaden (adj)

e) an illness which causes the parts of the body where bones meet to become painful and often big

6. arthritis (n)

f) a medical condition which makes breathing difficult by causing the air passages to become narrow or blocked

7. asthma (n)

g) abbreviation for general practitioner: a doctor who sees people in the local area and treats illnesses that do not need a hospital visit

8. clinical (adj)

h) when you find it difficult to sleep

9. insomnia (n)

i) the treatment of injuries to bones and muscles using pressure and movement

10. GP (n)

j) relating to medical treatment and tests

11. appendix (n)

k) caused by an allergy

12. miracle (n)

l) having an important effect or influence, especially on what will happen in the future

13. preventive (also preventative) (adj):

m) something that is very surprising or difficult to believe

14. puncture

n) preventive action is intended to stop something before it happens

15. significant (adj)

o) to make a hole in something

16. osteopathy (n)

p) a substance which contains a harmless form of a virus or bacterium (= extremely small organism), and which is given to a person or animal to prevent them from getting the disease which the virus or bacterium causes

17. worn-out (adj.)

q) another effect that a drug has on your body in addition to the main effect for which the doctor has given you the drug

18. side effect (n)

r) a treatment in which your feet are rubbed and pressed in a special way in order to improve blood flow and help you relax

19. reflexology (n):

s) very tired because you have been working hard

5. Match the two columns to form meaningful word combinations.

1.side effects of

2.to deaden


4.to remove

5.to insert

6.to stimulate

7.to suffer from


9.to cope with


11.to keep in

12.to bring


b.the flow of energy

c.a needle


e.good physical condition




i.the pain




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