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22. Find the words in the text which correspond to the given definitions.

  1. to apply legally to some organization/institution

  1. to give to, so as to put in difficulties; cause to be burdened with

  1. the crime of killing someone illegally but not deliberately

  1. miserable or ruined

  1. an unpleasant situation from which it is hard to escape

  1. having or intended to have a useful or beneficial purpose

  1. a set of firm beliefs held by a group of people who expect other people to accept these beliefs without thinking about them

  1. able to talk easily and effectively about things, especially difficult subjects

  1. to put to death, because of old age or illness

10. extreme pain or misery; mental or physical torture; agony

11. to express complete disapproval of; censure

12. hard, menial, and monotonous work

13. result or consequence

14. a small portable electronic device which emits a series of high-pitched sounds when someone wants to contact the wearer

15. to revive (someone) from unconsciousness or apparent death

16. to get rid of (something unwanted)

23. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word from the topical vocabulary, making any necessary changes.












1. The decision caused a huge public outcry and a national debate on __________.

2. A family with a severely ________child will have many problems.

3. The__________ responsibility for policy lies on the President.

4. A test satellite ___________ from Cape Canaveral.

5. What seemed a promising job turned into months of boredom and __________.

6. Of course, in past centuries, no global news network existed to capture the ___________of the victims.

7. It seems never to have been doubted that a corporation created by the Royal Charter can __________for libel.

8. One of the main_________ for countries that host the Olympic Games is increased business for hotels, restaurants, and theatres.

9. The court decided there was insufficient evidence for a ____________charge.

10. It was a political act, a ____________from start to finish.

11. Women do not___________ in crime to the same extent as men.

24. Find synonyms or near synonyms for the following words, and make up your own sentences to explore their associations.

to accuse of; expressive; to start; parody; to kill somebody; murder; final; result; dreadful; disabled.

25. Explain the contextual meaning of the words in bold and translate the following sentences into Ukrainian.

  1. In the Netherlands euthanasia has already been legalized.

  2. Most doctors are opposed to euthanasia on ethical grounds.

  3. Like other mentally handicapped children, Down's children can achieve considerable educational improvement through a consistent programme of education and care.

  4. The need for the adequate provision of permanent residential homes increases substantially as the mentally handicapped child grows up.

  5. Complete disarmament was the ultimate goal of the conference.

  6. Monroe was the ultimate Hollywood movie star.

  7. The press launched a vicious attack on the President.

  8. On the first day of the war over 400 missiles were launched.

  9. The chance to escape from the daily drudgery in the pits must have been more than attractive.

  10. Women are rebelling against domestic drudgery.

  11. The anguish of not knowing the truth was almost unbearable.

  12. Miss James could not afford to sue for libel.

  13. General economic arguments, however, omit the spin-off benefits from the inventiveness of financial operators in search of bargains and easy profits.

  14. Laser research has had important spin-offs for eye surgery.

  15. She denied murdering her husband, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

  16. He's denied murdering Elizabeth Howe, but has admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

  17. O'Brien described his trial as a travesty of justice.

  18. Irrespective of the success of this integration, your claim was a travesty of the facts.

  19. Eva had never been one to indulge in self-pity.

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