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9. Underline the correct item.

  1. The dog was (coughing, sniffing, panting, wheezing) loudly after a long walk.

  2. The best cure for (hiccups, chokes, sighs, laughter) is to drink a glass of water.

  3. By the time the climbers reached the summit, they were (panting, sighing, snorting, gasping) for breath.

A Visit to a Doctor

10. Read the text and describe your last visit to the dentist. At the dentist’s

Once I had had a toothache for several days, but I couldn’t pluck up courage to go to the dentist. As a matter of fact I went to his office twice, but just as I got on his doorstep and was going to ring the bell the toothache seemed to have gone away, so I went home again. But at last I had to go back, and this time I rang the bell and was shown into the waiting-room.

There were a number of magazines there, and I had just got in the middle of an exciting story when the maid came in to say Mr. Puller was ready to see me – I’ll have to wait for the next toothache to finish the story.

Well, I went into the surgery (the room where a doctor or dentist gives advice or treatment) and he told me to sit in a chair that he could move up and down, backwards and forwards, and then he had a look at the inside of my mouth. He put a little mirror on a long handle inside my mouth and poked about for a while, then he looked serious and said. “Yes, I’m afraid we can’t save that one, it will have to come out.” I asked him to give me an injection. He filled a syringe with some medicine. I felt a little prick on the gum and then he injected the liquid. He did this in two or three places and waited for a minute or so.

My mouth felt rather dead. Then he took a pair of forceps, gripped the tooth, gave a twist, then a pull, and the tooth was out. I could see it and hear it but I couldn’t feel it. Then he said, “It’s all over. Spit in there and then wash your mouth out with this disinfectant.”

11. Answer the questions.

1. Who did the man consult when he had a toothache?

2. Why was the man reluctant to see the dentist?

3. How did the dentist begin to examine a patient?

4. How did the dentist prepare the patient for an injection?

5. What did the dentist do to pull the tooth out?

6. What did the doctor recommend the patient to do?

Language focus

12. Explain the meanings of the following words and word combinations in English and use them in situations of your own.

1. to pluck up one’s courage

2. waiting-room

3. to poke about

4. to fill a syringe

5. to feel a prick on the gum

6. to give an injection

7. a pair of forceps

8. to grip a tooth

9. to give a twist

10. to spit in

11. disinfectant

12. surgery

13. Translate into English.

Зібратися з духом, приймальня, кабінет лікаря, сісти в крісло, дати пораду, видивлятися, шприц, відчувати гострий біль від уколу в ясна, хірургічні щипці, затискувати зуб, викручувати зуб, видалити зуб, дезінфікуючий засіб.

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