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5. Paraphrase the sentences using the word combinations from the previous exercise.

  1. Her fears were removed after the police had told her that the child was safe.

  2. He is a clever boy but has a natural tendency to get into mischief.

  3. The doctor looked at the tongue carefully to see what was wrong.

  4. I formed an opinion about his manner and concluded that he was guilty.

  5. Fear and anxiety tormented her heart.

  6. The police were unable to find any sign of the thief.

  7. We were glad to become free of our overcoats.

  8. It’s a pleasure that everybody is beaming with assurance.

  9. Your words have encouraged me.

10. He knew his aunt sufficiently well to guess that she had something important to tell him about.

11. I’m really anxious about my sister.

12. Several doctors looked after the General when he was on his deathbed.

13. You look so frustrated. Put all the troubles out of your mind.

14. There is nothing that can give me peace.

6. Translate into Ukrainian.

  1. The doctor examined the patient and sent him to hospital for further tests.

  2. Judging by your confidence, the statistics are promising.

  3. We felt relieved at hearing that he was safe and sound.

  4. It was impossible for him to be rid of this bad habit.

  5. He is apt to take to journalism.

  6. I could hardly guess what was in the back of her mind.

  7. What are you worried about?

  8. Only home will give her comfort.

  9. He was exuding confidence and the girl felt reassured.

10. These thoughts are gnawing at me. I must brush them aside.

11. Officers could not find any trace of drugs.

12. Where shall I have the prescription made up?

7. Translate into English.

  1. Молода жінка відчула полегшення, коли Шерлок Холмс погодився взятися за її справу.

  2. З огляду на наукові висновки, ваша робота заслуговує на високу оцінку.

  3. Цікаво, чому ви схильні все перебільшувати?

  4. Який лікар займається хлопчиком, коли він хворіє?

  5. Вона спростувала (відхилила) всі наші заперечення.

  6. Містер Брайт завжди випромінював добробут та могутність.

  7. Коли Петра розмовляла, не залишалося й сліду від її німецького акценту.

  8. Ніхто не підозрював, про що вона думала.

  9. Він заспокоївся, коли позбувся своєї нудної роботи.

10. Ви можете замовити ліки в центральній аптеці.

11. Ви така сумна. Вас щось тривожить?

Health and illness

1. Study the ‘case history’ below. Then write ten headlines for the President’s ten-day illness, from President taken ill to The nation holds its breath.

‘You’re in perfect health ... as fit as a fiddle ... there’s nothing wrong with you.’

‘I feel a bit off-colour ... rather under the weather ... I do feel funny ... I really don’t feel well... I think I’m sickening for something ... I feel feverish ... like death warmed up.’

‘He’s been taken ill... he’s in a coma ... fighting for his life ... still critically ill... in a very critical condition ... no change ... still seriously ill... still hasn’t regained consciousness ... is responding to treatment... off the danger list... showing signs of coming round ... making progress ... his condition is satisfactory ... he’s come out of the coma ... he’s as well as can be expected ... comfortable ... no change ... he’s turned the comer ... he’s on the mend.’

‘We all wish you a speedy recovery ... get well soon ... we’re glad you’re over it.’

‘The worst is over ... he’s almost completely recovered ... he’s practically cured ... he’s convalescing ... coming along nicely ... he’ll be on his feet again soon ... he’ll be out and about again in a few days.’

‘He’s had a relapse ... he’s no better ... he’s getting worse ... his condition is deteriorating ... he’s getting weaker ... he’s slipping away ... fading fast... his life is hanging by a thread ... it’s just a matter of time ... he could go at any second!’

‘He’s made a miraculous recovery ... he’s as good as new ... as right as rain ... he’ll live till he’s a hundred.’

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