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4. Which of the treatments and procedures below, relate to conventional and which to alternative medicine?

herbalism, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, injections, J aromatherapy, steroid creams, blood tests, meditation, tooth extraction, homeopathy, acupuncture, X-ray, surgery, yoga, transplants

5. Match the medical people with what they might say...

  1. dentist

  1. chiropodist

  1. optician

  1. psychiatrist

  1. physiotherapist

  1. midwife

  1. general practitioner (GP)

  1. acupuncturist

  1. hypnotist

  1. plastic surgeon

  1. dietician

  1. vet

  1. “Take two sleeping tablets before you go to bed. That’ll help your insomnia.”

  2. “Exactly why do you think you’re Napoleon?”

  3. “Which is the last line on the chart that you can read?"

  4. “Mix this medicine in with Fido’s feed twice a day and take him for long walks.”

  5. “If you follow this programme for three weeks, you should lose six kilos.”

  6. “These exercises will help rebuild the thigh muscle and you should be able to kick a ball again in two weeks."

  7. “When we take the bandages off, the scars will be invisible.”

  8. “Open wide!” 1

  9. “These breathing exercises will help you relax and, should speed the delivery.”

  10. “When I click my fingers, you’ll wake up and never want another cigarette again!”

  11. “Oh! This ingrowing toenail must be really painful.”

  12. “I’ll be inserting these needles around the arthritic area to help relieve the pain.”

6. Find the odd word out.

relieve, lessen, alleviate, deteriorate

treatment, therapy, cure, diagnosis

bandage, dressing, tablet, plaster cast

specialist, patient, invalid, outpatie

pill, injection, tablet, capsule

clinic, hospital, ambulance, surgery

7. Fill in the correct word derived from the words in bold, then cover the text and talk about the two types of medicine.

Virtually the only thing that conventional and alternative medicine have in common is the fact that they are both ways of treating ailments. However, the methods of 1) __________ (treat) are completely 2) ___________ (differ). For example, conventional medicine treats allergies, infections, insomnia, etc. by using antibiotics or 3) ___________ (vary) drugs, while alternative medicine concentrates not just on these symptoms, but on the body as a whole, becoming 4) ____________ (health). This is done by training the body’s energy to trouble spots using a system of 5) ________ (meditate) exercises, as opposed to 6) _________ (simple) taking a course of pills. Conventional medicine is, however, more 7) _________ (suit) for dealing with broken bones and 8) ________ (correct) surgery, such as 9) __________ (straight) a broken nose or 10) __________ (build) a shattered leg.

8. Fill in the missing words related to medicine and health. The first letter is given to help you.

  1. The doctors decided to give him a liver t_____ after they had d_______ cancer.

  2. When Philip woke up with a h______, a high temperature and a r_____ nose, he knew he must have the f______.

  3. Emma had a high temperature and was covered in little red s_____, but her mother didn’t know if she had m______ or c______-p____.

  4. A common disease in children is m______, with the s_______ of a swollen neck and a high temperature.

  5. A lot of research is being done to find a c______ for AIDS which is a f______ disease.

  6. If a person is bitten by a mad dog, he should see a doctor immediately to have an injection against r______.

  7. During the spring many people suffer from an a_______ called hayfever which causes itchy eyes and s______.

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