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1. Look at the pictures. Which could be connected to the following aims? Discuss in pairs.

  • to eradicate disease

  • to keep fit

  • to prevent ill health

  • to promote teamwork

  • to relax

  • to diagnose illness

  • to impose self-discipline

  • to cultivate a competitive spirit

  • to improve quality of life

  • to increase life expectancy

2. A. What do you think the most important factors in keeping healthy are?

Rank the following in order of importance, and

discuss with a partner.

•Diet •Exercise •Conventional medicine •Alternative medicine •Other

A: I think diet and exercise go hand in hand, don’t you?

B: Absolutely, but everyone gets ill from time to time and needs medicine. I still think medicine is the best opinion because….

b. Listen to five people talking about health problems. Put the number of the speaker by each health problem. Then, match the health problems with the treatment(s) they tried and say which ones were successful.



Post-viral depression

Sports injury

Aching muscles


c. Now listen again and say how each person felt about their medical problem and why. Choose from this list.

•Frustrated •Gloomy •Embarrassed •Worried •Desperate

3. Paraphrase the following quotations. Which do you agree with? Why? Discuss.


1. A. You will read a text about four great medical discoveries. Before you read, discuss the following with a partner.

  • Look at the title of the text. Who is the title quoting? What did he discover? In what situations did he utter “eureka”?

  • Look at the introduction and the title of the four texts. What do you know about these discoveries? Why were they important? Which do you think was the most important?

  • The following phrases are taken from the text. Which discovery do you think each one refers to? Guess, then read the text quickly to see if you were correct.

  1. … used to temporary headaches relief…

  2. … the technique of introducing material under the skin…

  3. … the fundamental ingredient of most antibiotics…

  4. … recognized that the veins in the human body had one-way valves…

b. For questions 1-15, choose from the answers A-D.

Which discovery…

    • hinders various natural functions of the human body?

    1. ____

    • was based on popular wisdom?

    1. ____

    • was based on the work of a contemporary?

    1. ____

    dulls the body mechanism for feeling pain?
  1. ____

  • significantly reduced the mortality rate?

  1. ____

  • was largely accidental?

  1. ____

  • forced doctors to think about the body in a different way?

  1. ____

  • was made by the employee of a pharmaceutical company?

  1. ____

  • had been made before but escaped attention?

  1. ____

  • has a mixed response from the scientific community?

  1. ____

  • gave its name to a method of preventive medicine?

  1. ____

  • involved experimenting on human beings?

  1. ____

  • contradicted previous theories?

  1. ____

  • is used to treat various infections?

  1. ____

  • particularly helped urban populations?

  1. ____

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