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7. Body. Choose one of the four possibilities that best completes the sentence.

1. He must be terribly strong! Look at his ….. .

a) skin b) limbs c) muscles d) nerves

2. He stood with his hands on his ….. daring me to go past him.

a) ankles b) knees c) shoulders d) hips

3. Every tooth in my upper ….. seemed to be aching.

a) chin b) cheek c) jaw d) forehead

4. When Mary twisted her ankle, John carried her home on his ….. .

a) shoulders b) knees c) hands d) arms

5. His shoes were so old that his ….. were sticking out of them.

a) fingers b) thumbs c) tips d) toes

6. The blind man ran the ….. of his fingers over the box. a) points b) edges c) tips d) ends

7. When people sweat, the liquid comes out through the ….. of the skin. a) veins b) vents c) pores d) holes

8. The ….. is the main air passage of the body.

a) intestine b) ear c) windpipe d) kidney

9. The main function of the heart is to ….. blood round the body. a) push b) propel c) pump d) walk

10 Arnold Schwartzneger has an enormous chest ….. .

a) growth b) swelling c) expansion d) inflation

8. Body. Complete the sentences.

1. We have ten ________ on our hands and ten ________ on our feet.

2. The function of the heart is to enable the_________ to circulate.

3. The _________ is used for digesting food.

4. The flesh your teeth grow from is your _________.

5. Do you wear your watch on your right __________ because you are left-handed?

6. A bear crushed him and cracked several of his __________.

7. With the help of our _________ we are able to speak and eat.

8. Our_________ enables us to think.

9. At first she thought the boy had a high temperature, but when she put her hand on his_________to make sure, she found it was cold.

10. I dropped a heavy box on my ________and broke one of my toes.

The Science of Life

1. Match the medical fields below to their areas of speciality.

  1. Cardiology

  1. Eyesight

  1. Geriatrics

  1. Inherited characteristics

  1. Paediatrics

  1. X-rays and ultra sounds

  1. Genetics

  1. Children

  1. Ophthalmology

  1. The elderly

  1. Radiology

  1. The heart

2. Look at this of possible medical breakthroughs. In how many years do you think they will occur?

  1. Epidemics like malaria will be eradicated.

  2. All types of cancer will be curable.

  3. Average life expectancy will rise to 100 years.

  4. An AIDS vaccine will be discovered.

  5. The cure for the common cold will be discovered.

  6. 80% of heart surgery will be bloodless.

I think that in five years’ time epidemics like malaria will have been eradicated.

3. Look at the following quotations and discuss the stance they take on animal testing. Which of the two do you agree with?


4. You are going to read an article about the invention and development of the stethoscope. Before you read, discuss the following questions.

  1. Why do you think the title of the article refers to the stethoscope as "a triumph of simplicity"?

  2. Read the quote which introduces the article.

  • Where do you think it comes from?

  • Read the article quickly and find the paragraph where the ideas in the quote are repeated.

  1. The writer of the article uses the words/phrases below to describe the stethoscope. In what context do you think he uses each one?

• simple • fully-fledged symbol of medicine

• stiff unwieldy tube • precision-engineered instrument

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