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1. Define the statements as true or false.

  1. The doctor warned Jan that she might have some side effects.

  2. Jan used to suffer from heart condition.

  3. She was not concerned about those stains on the handkerchief.

  4. Jan had nothing to worry about. It was a fish – bone that caused the trouble.

  5. She was not inclined to experience anxiety when her young man was in the Forces.

  6. After the visit to the doctor Jan felt devastated and heartbroken.

  7. There were fears in the back of her mind.

  8. Instead of taking a trolley-bus Jan walked to the top of the hill.

  9. Bart was taken aback by Jan’s look.

10. He invited her to the cinema.

2. Answer the questions.

  1. What did the doctor examine?

  2. What did Jan use to be ill with?

  3. Why did Jan feel comforted and relieved?

  4. When did the doctor attend her?

  5. Why was there nothing to worry about?

  6. What were the doctor’s recommendations?

  7. What made him think that Jan had been doing a lot of exercises?

  8. How did the doctor explain the case?

  9. What were young women apt to with their young men in the Forces?

10. What prescription did the doctor write out?

11. What was still in the back of Jan’s mind?

12. How did she get to the top of the hill?

13. Why was Bart shaken when he saw Jan?

3. Match the beginnings with the endings.

  1. Whenever the doctor came

  2. Jan felt

  3. There was no trace of

  4. What you want

  5. It was wonderful

  6. He towered above her

  7. When young men were in the Forces

  8. Get this prescription

  9. All kinds of terrors had been

  10. Jan’s joy rose

  11. The thought of the stains

  1. exuding confidence.

  2. the girls were apt to get neurotic.

  3. made up at the chemist’s.

  4. his easy manner gave Jan comfort.

  5. comforted and relieved.

  6. as she reached the top of the hill.

  7. to be rid of the dread.

  8. gnawed at her.

  9. is plenty of exercise and sun.

  10. pleurisy.

  11. in the back of her mind.

Vocabulary Practice

4. Мatch the English word combinations with their Ukrainian equivalents.

  1. to examine smb’s throat

  2. to attend (to) smb

  3. to feel reassured

  4. to give smb comfort

  5. to be relieved

  6. a trace of smth

  7. to judge by smth

  8. to be rid of smth

  9. to gnaw at smb

  10. to exude confidence

  11. to be worried

  12. to be apt

  13. to get a prescription made up

  14. to be in the back of one’s mind

  15. to brush smth aside

  1. позбавитись чогось

  2. судити по чомусь

  3. випромінювати впевненість

  4. мучити, турбувати когось

  5. хвилюватися

  6. не звертати увагу

  7. замовляти ліки

  8. думати про щось

  9. почуватися впевненим

  10. доглядати під час хвороби

  11. відчути полегшення

  12. бути схильним

  13. слід чогось

  14. оглядати горло

  15. втішити когось

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