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1. Qigong is perfect for those who

  1. do not like vigorous exercise.

  2. enjoy jogging.

  3. are exhausted.

  4. do not enjoy routines.

2. Qigong

  1. is a type of body building.

  2. helps the body fight disease more effectively.

  3. is a form of acupuncture.

  4. is like aerobics.

3. Qi is believed to be

  1. the training.

  2. a channel in.

  3. the life-force.

  4. the circulatory.

4. Some governments approve Qigong because

  1. they are keen on it.

  2. it is cheap.

  3. they have been persuaded that it works.

  4. it is better than conventional methods.

5. In Europe, Qigong has mainly been used

  1. for serious conditions.

  2. for those who can’t afford private treatment.

  3. for easily treated ailments.

  4. for those with allergic reactions to drugs.

6. According to the conclusion of the passage, Qigong

  1. will definitely make you live longer.

  2. will only cure you if you believe in it.

  3. has miraculous effects.

  4. is ineffective.

Vocabulary Practise

1. Look at the following words in bold in the text and try to explain them.

shiver, gentle, oriental, postures, circulation, deficient, obesity, modifications, swellings, traces, motivation

2. Fill in the correct word(s) from the list below.

stimulates, immune system, acupuncture, ailments, sap, insomnia, endorse, subsequently, vigorous, miraculous

  1. The doctor suggested that she start taking vitamins to help strengthen her ______. (cells which fight infection)

  2. On Saturdays the children get together for a (n) _____ game of football. (energetic)

  3. Everyone thought the patient was going to die, but he made a (n) ____ recovery. (amazing)

  4. He started taking sleeping tablets because he was suffering from ______. (not being able to sleep)

  5. Massage reduces stress, eliminates toxins and _____ the circulation. (encourages)

  6. The world champion was asked to _____ the company’s new protein supplement for athletes. (publicly give approval to)

  7. On rubber plantations, workers collect _____ to make into rubber products. (liquid from trees)

  8. ______ helped to relieve my pain. (Chinese treatment using needles)

  9. The GP couldn’t help Mrs Jones, and _____ sent her to a specialist. (afterwords)

  10. As people get older, they suffer from ____ such as arthritis and rheumatism. (illnesses)

3. Fill in the correct word(s) from the list below. Use the words only once.

to grow, to achieve, to feel, to prolong, healthcare, to stimulate, meditative, to cut, to strengthen, to build, conventional, to alleviate, to sound

  1. ______ exhausted

  1. ______ dramatic results

  1. ______ muscles

  1. ______ in popularity

  1. ______ medicine

  1. ______ the body’s immune system

  1. ______ your life

  1. ______ exercises

  1. ______ the circulation

  1. rising______cost

  1. ______ allergies

  1. ______ like a miracle

  1. ______ costs

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