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Chapter 17

Ex. 1. Translate into Russian

Ex. 2. Translate into English


  1. T

  2. T

  3. F (permissible)

  4. F (it’s considered)

  5. F

  6. T

  7. F (at risk)

  8. T

  9. T

  10. F (less freedom)

  11. F (have no express)

  12. T

  13. T

  14. F (is no requirement)

  15. T

Ex. 5

a 9

b 1

c 8

d 11

e 10

f 3

g 4

h 5

i 2

j 6

k 12

l 7

m 13

n 15

o 14

Ex. 7

  1. The defendant can pose a particular danger to society.

  2. A number of Russian companies take the matter of libel action to court due to «spy» scandal.

  3. Apple could lose the case (lawsuit) against Motorolla, regarding patent infringement on their smartphones.

  4. The indemnification for moral damage is determined by the court and doesn’t depend on the amount of compensation for property damage.

  5. IT Business Week is trying to analyze what entails limits on free speech on the Internet.

  6. According to the Minister of Defense of Iran, Washington is trying to make semblance that Iran poses a serious threat to the Gulf countries.

  7. Alaska Milk was a subject of a takeover by Dutch dairy co-operative Royal Friesland Campina.

  8. An AT&T client has won a ruling against a cellular operator.

  9. In that case (action) a libel action took place.

  10. The article was an attempt to smear (discredit) the name of the party leader.


  1. to sue

  2. to disparage

  3. spark

  4. to intimidate

  5. to defame

  6. handed down

  7. indemnify

  8. brushed off

  9. is passing the buck

  10. to force media outlets


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