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4. Match the following words and collocations with their synonyms from exercise 2:

  1. accused, offender defendant

  2. at risk; in question at stake

  3. blackmail; cheating, compulsion extortion

  4. blame, censure, rebuke, reproachreprimand

  5. chauvinist, dogmatist, extremist, fanatic bigot

  6. distribution, dissipation dissemination

  7. enthusiasm, passion, zest, eagerness zeal

  8. excused absence sick leave

  9. fake, counterfeit, deceptive fraudulent

  10. future, potential, possible prospective

  11. gift, giveaway freebie

  12. grieve for, miss, lamentmourn

  13. illegal, unlawful illicit

  14. income and loss bottom line

  15. indicter, accuser prosecutor

  16. individualism, noninterference, nonintervention, nonrestriction (Laissez faire)

  17. inducement,motivatorincentive for

  18. listen in, bug, overhear eavesdrop

  19. no ifs ands or buts with no strings attached

  20. omnipresent, here and there ubiquitous

  21. partiality, prejudice bias

  22. perk,perquisitefringe benefits

  23. plunge plummet

  24. resign,give up, quitrelinquish

  25. the happy medium (the golden mean)

  26. think about, consider, study, reflect onponder

5. Complete the sentences using the list of vocabulary units in exercise 2, some words can be used more than once:

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