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Chapter 16 Ex. 1Translate into Russian

See the light of day (378)

The golden mean (382)

Laissez faire (383)

Sine qua non (383)

Keep a lid on sth (384)

In the pipeline (387)

Common law (387)

Run for office (390)

Strike a chord (391)

In a bid to do sth (395)

At stake (397)

To foot the bill (398)

With no strings attached (398)

A fringe benefit (fringe benefits ) (399)

Scratch smb’s back (399)

Breeding ground (400)

Take an (acerbic) swipe at (402)

On sick leave (406)

Admission (373)

Complainant (373)

To make amends (374)

Barrister (374)

Inadvertent mistake (375)

To plummet (375)

Bottom-line (375)

Poll (375)

Concede (375)

To hurl accusations/ insults (376)

Foible (376)

Statutory authority (377)

Mediation (377)

Taskforce (377)

Contend (378)

Ombudsman (378)

Propensity for sth (378)

Intimidate (378)

Corollary (378)

Cognizant of sth (379)

Reprimand (379)

Expulsion (379)

A flurry of activity (379)

Vexatious (380)

Relinquish (380)

Tenure (of a judge) (381)

Government fiat (381)

Mitigate (383)

Ponder (383)

Extortion (383)

Culpability (384)

Stigma (384)

Expel (385)

Exemption (387)

Illicit (387)

Prospective (387)

To eavesdrop (387)

Bereaved (388)

Mourn (389)

Fraudulent (390)

Pecuniary interest(390)

In custody (391)

Defendant (391)

Begot (391)

Atrocity (392)

Innuendo (392)

Conform to sth (392)

Merit (393)

Receive an accolade (393)

To be germane to sth (394)

Ubiquitous (394)

Foe (395)

Insidious (397)

Freebie (397)

Venue (399)

Incentive for sth (399)

Secular (401)

Zeal (404)

Prosecutor (404)

Solicitor (404)

Robust debate(405)

Mould the government (405)

Receive credit for sth (406)

Retraction (374)

Sloppy reporting (375)

To curb government excesses (380)

Comprehensive watchdog (381)

Information dissemination (384)

Checkbook journalism (384)

Talkback host (385)

Footnote (389)

Bias (391)

File a defamation writ against smb (396)

Advertorial (399)

Prolific (400)

Slant a story (401)

Ex. 3. Match the following definitions with the words and expressions from exercise 2:

  1. a confession, as of a crime, mistake, etc; an acknowledgment of the truth or validity of something Admission

  2. a lawyer qualified to present cases in court Barrister

  3. a person against whom an action or claim is brought in a court of law Defendant

  4. A severe, formal, or official rebuke or censure Reprimand

  5. a type of lawyer in Britain who gives legal advice, prepares the necessary documents when property is bought or sold, and defends people, especially in the lower courts of law Solicitor

  6. advertising material presented under the guise of editorial material Advertorial

  7. an additional service or advantage given with a job besides wages A fringe benefit (fringe benefits )

  8. at issue, in jeopardy At stake

  9. eagerness to do something, especially to achieve a particular religious or political aim Zeal

  10. having no special conditions or limits on an agreement, relationship etc With no strings attached

  11. Illegal use of one's official position or powers to obtain property, funds, or patronage Extortion

  12. leave of absence from work through illness On sick leave

  13. Likely or expected to happen Prospective

  14. noninterference in the affairs of others Laissez faire

  15. not allowed by laws or rules, or strongly disapproved of by society Illicit

  16. of broad scope or content; including all or much Comprehensive

  17. often supporting or opposing a particular person or thing in an unfair way by allowing personal opinions to influence your judgment Bias

  18. seeming to be everywhere - sometimes used humorously Ubiquitous

  19. something that encourages you to work harder, start a new activity etc Incentive for sth

  20. something that you are given free, usually by a company Freebie

  21. the act of dispersing, diffusing or spreading something (Information) dissemination

  22. the middle course between extremes The golden mean

  23. the practice of paying someone for a news story and especially for granting an interview Checkbook journalism

  24. the profit or the amount of money that a business makes or loses Bottom-line

  25. to behave according to the usual standards of behaviour which are expected by a group or society Conform to sth

  26. to deliberately listen secretly to other people's conversations To eavesdrop

  27. to do or say something that people feel is familiar or true Strike a chord

  28. To feel or express grief or sorrow Mourn

  29. to judge something only on what you see when you look at it rather than on what you know from other people or things Judge sth on its merits

  30. to let someone else have your position, power, or rights, especially unwillingly Relinquish

  31. to pay a bill To foot the bill

  32. to spend time thinking carefully and seriously about a problem, a difficult question, or something that has happened Ponder

  33. to suddenly and quickly decrease in value or amount To plummet

Ex. 3 Match the following words and collocations with their synonyms from exercise 2:

  1. accused, offender defendant

  2. at risk; in question at stake

  3. blackmail; cheating, compulsion extortion

  4. blame, censure, rebuke, reproach reprimand

  5. chauvinist, dogmatist, extremist, fanatic bigot

  6. distribution, dissipation dissemination

  7. enthusiasm, passion, zest, eagerness zeal

  8. excused absence sick leave

  9. fake, counterfeit, deceptive fraudulent

  10. future, potential, possible prospective

  11. gift, giveaway freebie

  12. grieve for, miss, lament mourn

  13. illegal, unlawful illicit

  14. income and loss bottom line

  15. indicter, accuser prosecutor

  16. individualism, noninterference, nonintervention, nonrestriction (Laissez faire)

  17. inducement, motivator incentive for

  18. listen in, bug, overhear eavesdrop

  19. no ifs ands or buts with no strings attached

  20. omnipresent, here and there ubiquitous

  21. partiality, prejudice bias

  22. perk,perquisitefringe benefits

  23. plunge plummet

  24. resign, give up, quit relinquish

  25. the happy medium (the golden mean)

  26. think about, consider, study, reflect on ponder

Ex. 4 Complete the sentences using the list of vocabulary units in exercise 2, some words can be used more than once:

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