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Broadcast journalism: the world’s town crier

Ex. 1 Match the words (1-28) with the definitions (a-bb):

1-e; 2-i; 3-a; 4-c; 5-g; 6-h; 7-b; 9-f; 10-o; 11-m; 12-j; 13-k; 14-l; 15-r; 16-t; 17-n; 18-p; 19-v; 20-q; 21-s; 22-y; 23-aa; 24-u; 25-bb; 26-w; 27-x; 28-z.

Ex. 2 Complete the following words and word combinations:

  1. Cherry-picked

  2. Take precedence

  3. Watchdog

  4. Scoop

  5. Prop up

  6. On-the-spot

  7. Primacy

  8. Amalgamated

  9. Commentary

  10. Forte

  11. Final say

  12. Simulating

  13. Pot-shots

  14. Liquidation

Ex. 3 Translate the following words and word-combinations from Russian into English using active vocabulary:

An autocue; a rundown; a talkback; to go into liquidation; checkbook journalist; in conjunction with; to have the final say on smth; to set the benchmark for smth; to be one’s forte; “hot of the wire” news; a commentary; dyed-in-the-wool journalists; a watchdog; to be adept at doing smth; to scoop a message; a standby presenter; to cherry-pick; media convergence; to take precedence over smth.

Ex. 4 Do the “word formation” exercise and then translate the text into Russian:

  1. Factual

  2. Demonstrable

  3. Suited

  4. Balanced

  5. Impartiality

  6. Unduly

  7. Unquestioning

  8. Presentation

  9. Requirement

Ex. 5 Give synonyms and antonyms to the following expressions:




To titillate audiences

to stimulate

to calm; to soothe; to appease

To turn viewers off

to bore; to demotivate; to leave smb cold

to interest; to engage; to sweep along

To dumb down an issue

to simplify

to complicate

To mull over new angles

to think carefully about smth; to think over smth; to take a long hard look at smth

to make a snap decision (an on-site decision)

To be a moot point

a controversial point (divided, irreconciliable)

a clear point

To be cognizant of smth

to be aware of smth

to be ignorant of smth (uninformed)

To be under klieg-light

to be under spotlight

to keep/stay in the background

To dovetail into a logical story-telling narrative

to fit together

to misfit; to mismatch

Ex. 6 Translate the following sentences from Russian into English using active vocabulary:

  1. This journalist won’t handle just any task. He is used to cherry-picking information.

  2. Safetyshouldtakeprecedenceover allothermattersintheworkplace.

  3. Media convergence has become a real trend in the world of journalism, where large media-holdings set the benchmark for smaller publications.

  4. – Our newsreader has fallen ill and today he won’t be able to go on the air. – What a pity. Please, get in touch with our standby presenter as soon as possible.

  5. If you are really adept at filming, we will put you in charge of the on-the-spot report. We cannot afford to send two people on the mission.

  6. There are different watchdog organizations in the sphere of journalism that ensure that the code of ethics is properly followed.

  7. Mike does excellent rundowns and that is his forte. But he is a dyed-in-the-wool journalist, so we can’t give him such a delicate task.

  8. Will you listen today to the commentary from the war in Libya? It is done by “Mayak” radio station in conjunction with BBC. – No, I won’t. Because I don’t trust these sources. I’ve heard that they practise virtual reporting.

  9. – I doubt whether we should put this video on the air today. I’m afraid it can turn our viewers off. – Let’s put off this decision for a moment. In any case our boss will have the final say on this matter.

  10. – Have you ever taken part in a talkback? – No, I haven’t. I’ve never managed to get through.

  11. – Why is Brian so mad at you? – I’ve recently taken a pot-shot at him, that’s why he is mad. – What did you tell him? – I hinted at the fact that I knew about him practising cash-for-comment.

  12. – Do you know that this newspaper has gone into liquidation? – I am not surprised. They’ve always been involved in checkbook journalism.

  13. A recent survey has shown that we are losing our audience. We should mull over different news angles.

  14. I liked the information that you gathered. But as for delivery, to my mind, you dumbed down the issue.

  15. American school of journalism is thought to be the best in the world. – I disagree. For me it’s a moot point.

  16. Are you cognizant of the fact that such a mistake is unforgettable for a professional of your kind? – I am, but I thought that this material would dovetail into a logical storytelling narrative.

  17. This story is now under klieg-light of all media. Our task is to publish a sensation, otherwise we are lost.

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