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Chapter 13

Online news: journalism’s stands converge

  1. Answer the following questions:

  1. P. 296

  2. P. 298 top

  3. P. 299 middle

  4. P. 300 top

  5. P. 300 bottom

  6. P. 301

  7. P. 302 top

  8. P. 302 middle

  9. P. 308 bottom, p. 309

  10. P. 310 top

  11. P. 312 bottom

  1. Match the words (1-19) with the definitions (a-s):

1-e; 2-c; 3-g; 4-a; 5-d; 6-i; 7-b; 9-f; 10-m; 11-h; 12-j; 13-p; 14-s; 15-n; 16-l; 17-o; 18-q; 19-r.

III. Complete the following words and word combinations:

  1. Jump on the bandwagon

  2. Lured into

  3. Looked askance

  4. Cater for

  5. Angst

  6. Keep abreast

  7. Hone

  8. Smorgasbord

  9. Fallacy

  10. Focal point

  11. Amalgamation

  12. Convergence

  13. fad

IV. Translate the following words and word-combinations from Russian into English using active vocabulary:

A freeze-frame; an all-news network; to stay abreast of smth; to hone one’s skills; amalgamation; smorgasbord; fad; focal point; fallacy; to cater for smb/smth; media convergence; angst; to bring smth in line with smth; to draw on smth; to look askance at smb; to lure smb into smth; to jump on the bandwagon; pat answer; adplexing.

V. Do the “word formation” exercise and then translate the text into Russian:

  1. unprecedented

  2. overwhelming

  3. overlapping

  4. phenomenal

  5. options

VI. Give synonyms and antonyms to the following expressions:




a.To upset the balance

Disrupt, hamper, destroy


b. To incur costs

Lose money, owe money or have to pay money as a result of doing smth

Not to bear any costs

c. To break news on a moment’s notice

Quickly, rapidly


d. To harness smth

Use smth for a particular purpose


e. Proliferation

Abundance, mass

Scarcity, shortage, insufficiency, deficiency

f. Cross-pollination between different media

Mutually beneficent cooperation


g. Repurposing

Adjustment, adaptation


VII. Translate the following sentences from Russian into English using active vocabulary:

  1. There has been an amalgamation of companies, followed by internal rivalry to obtain stock control of the merger.

  2. One participant proposed the creation of a focal point or special rapporteur on freedom of assembly and association and human rights defenders, who would react immediately to violations against these.

  3. These initiatives are Microsoft's response to digital convergence, in which all devices will use digital technology and need to work with one another.

  4. One fallacy with this model is that spending the allocated money is viewed as a positive.

  5. Irina Siraeva confidently stays (keeps) abreast of events in the world of rowing - national, as well as international ones.

  6. He impatiently tapped keys, rolling another shade of gray down a freeze-frame from a convenience store videotape.

  7. Unless you’ve got enough patience to hone your skills, you’ll be able to achieve success in figure skating.

  8. He called on the participants to draw on their expertise to help their efforts to succeed.

  9. I too began to try to be funny, but as soon as ever I spoke they either looked at me askance or did not look at me until I had finished: so that my anecdotes fell flat.

  10. France had placed an elite force there in the hope of luring the communists into leadinga pitched battle of attrition, and, in the process, maneuvered itself into a no-win situation.

  11. Our site provides a great choice of Moscow hotels catering for all tastes and budgets.

  12. It would be pat of me to say I am sorry.

  13. Bandwagon jumpers make choices based not on merit or value but on brand names, slogans, and tag lines.

  14. My client is a very liberal man, but he has his fads and his own way of doing things.

  15. All-news TV channels such as, for example, CNN or BBC use adplexing to attract the attention of a bigger audience.

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