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XIII. Translate the following text from Russian into English

The term “interview” comes from English and means a “talk”. In order to build effective interpersonal relations it is necessary to resort to certain technological stunts. According to the content interviews are divided into 2 types: - documental interview is a study of past events and facts specification; - opinion interview the goal of which is to reveal estimates, views and judgments, etc.

What will become the subject of an interview – facts, opinions, personality? Of course, it is possible to cover everything in one talk. But right here we face the relativity of every classification; it reveals only the dominance of 1 factor over the others. Thus, if in a portrait interview the interest in a personality dominates, it doesn’t mean that an interviewer must ignore facts and opinions.

Opinion interview is the most widespread form of an interview. The interviewee can be a politician, a scientist or an unknown passer-by. The goal of such an interview is to learn the opinion of the respondent on a concrete issue. The interviews of this kind shouldn’t be complicated. They aim at the interviewee’s getting the opportunity to speak out.

Interview with a witness is a talk with a person who became a witness of some event, an accident or a crime. In this case the task of the reporter is to let the interviewee express his opinion without disturbing or interrupting him with numerous questions or remarks. It’s necessary to keep in mind that in such an interview the silence of a reporter at the beginning of a witness’s talk can be more effective than the best question. At the same time, it shouldn’t be forgotten that in the interview of this kind there is much responsibility on the reporter. People in the state of shock often behave irrationally, failing to realize their behavior or emotions.

Interview “confrontation” is quite another genre. In such interviews the reporter must push the authorities to the wall and put them in front of the necessity to explain their actions. The system itself of preparing and conducting such interviews is different from the others. A friendly talk with the interviewee before filming is out of place here, nor is he/she offered to take a look at the upcoming questions and no test filming is done. The tempo and the tactic of such an interview have an offensive character. Still, it is necessary to remember that aggressive questions are far from being the best ones. On the contrary, oftentimes the most effective ones are those asked with comprehension and in a friendly tone but with an unruffled calm and confidence.

Interview “press-conference”. Under these conditions it is difficult to get a full-fledged interview. Generally, it is officials’ presentation of a certain issue where the reporter can obtain a commentary on this or that event. It is necessary to recollect one particularity of this interview – the reporter should outstrip the other reporters with his question. The material of the press-conference can be kept and used for other topics and programs.

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