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4. Complete the sentences using the list of vocabulary units in exercise 2, some words can be used more than once:

  1. All the candidates had excellent academic credentials.

  2. Australia is losing almost Aus$600 million a year to social security fraud and crooked public servants, a report showed Monday as the government announced new measures to tackle the menace. (AFP) – Apr 3, 2011

  3. She took great pride in her appearance.

  4. The teenagers at our college are well-educated and Media-savvy.

  5. Don't let the restaurant's decor put you off - the food is really good.

  6. He is fighting extradition to Hong Kong to face trial on fraud charges.

  7. He wants all the money up front or he won't do the job.

  8. He was unable to give a credible explanation for his behaviour.

  9. He'll need to tame his temper if he wants to succeed.

  10. She was asked to show her press credentials.

  11. This drug inhibits the growth of tumours.

  12. His account was badly distorted by the press.

  13. I must brush up on my French before I go to Paris.

  14. If you don't take professional pride in your work, you're probably in the wrong job.

  15. It was a mistake to take their compliments at face value.

  16. High prices are deterring many young people from buying houses.

  17. Joseph Miedzianowski was a Chicago police officer labeled as the most crooked cop; he served as both police officer and drug kingpin using his knowledge of the streets and gangs to shake down drug dealers.

  18. The newspaper story exposed him as a liar.

  19. Lawyers say the company probably has grounds for legal action under the Trades Description Act.

  20. Plastic replicas of the Greek pottery are sold to gullible tourists.

  21. My original statement has been completely distorted by the media.

  22. Recording the meeting may inhibit people from expressing their real views.

  23. Some companies charge a fee up front.

  24. The mother sat on the edge of the sandbox, keeping an eye on her sons as they played.

  25. Senator O'Hare was caught off guard by the question.

  26. Guide dogs are a great boon to the partially sighted.

  27. Brushing up on computer skills can be important for any worker thinking about getting a new job.

  28. They sued the company for breach of contract.

  29. At worst, nuclear war could be unleashed.

  30. He declined to comment on the situation further because of possible legal actions.

  31. The company's financial difficulties have deterred potential investors.

  32. The computer will crunch all the numbers to determine the final score.

  33. The review exposed widespread corruption in the police force.

  34. The young man tried to pay with a counterfeit banknote but the cashier noticed the trick.

  35. There's a video that tells new students about pitfalls to avoid.

  36. These small local protests are just the tip of the iceberg.

  37. The bus service is a real boon to people in the village.

  38. This attack will exacerbate the already tense relations between the two communities.

  39. This was a clear breach of the 1994 Trade Agreement.

  40. We cast our net wide to get the right person for the job.

  41. She caught me off my guard, and my hesitation told her I was lying.

  42. Lefèvre's comments unleashed a wave of protest.

  43. The pitfalls of working abroad are numerous.

  44. Drug traffickers have used the country as a conduit for shipments to the U.S.

  45. We've been playing telephone tag—she's always out when I call, and vice versa.

  46. When the missing money was noticed, he chose to disappear rather than face the music.

  47. The recession has exacerbated this problem.

  48. Will you keep your eye on my suitcase while I go to get the tickets?

  49. We regard the publication of this information as a serious breach of trust.

  50. You're more liable to injury when you don't get regular exercise.

Chapter 16

See the light of day (378)

The golden mean (382)

Laissez faire (383)

Sine qua non (383)

Keep a lid on sth (384)

In the pipeline (387)

Common law (387)

Run for office (390)

Strike a chord (391)

In a bid to do sth (395)

At stake (397)

To foot the bill (398)

With no strings attached (398)

A fringe benefit (fringe benefits ) (399)

Scratch smb’s back (399)

Breeding ground (400)

Take an (acerbic) swipe at (402)

On sick leave (406)

Admission (373)

Complainant (373)

To make amends (374)

Barrister (374)

Inadvertent mistake (375)

To plummet (375)

Bottom-line (375)

Poll (375)

Concede (375)

To hurl accusations/ insults (376)

Foible (376)

Statutory authority (377)

Mediation (377)

Taskforce (377)

Contend (378)

Ombudsman (378)

Propensity for sth (378)

Intimidate (378)

Corollary (378)

Cognizant of sth (379)

Reprimand (379)

Expulsion (379)

A flurry of activity (379)

Vexatious (380)

Relinquish (380)

Tenure (of a judge) (381)

Government fiat (381)

Mitigate (383)

Ponder (383)

Extortion (383)

Culpability (384)

Stigma (384)

Expel (385)

Exemption (387)

Illicit (387)

Prospective (387)

To eavesdrop (387)

Bereaved (388)

Mourn (389)

Fraudulent (390)

Pecuniary interest(390)

In custody (391)

Defendant (391)

Begot (391)

Atrocity (392)

Innuendo (392)

Conform to sth (392)

Merit (393)

Receive an accolade (393)

To be germane to sth (394)

Ubiquitous (394)

Foe (395)

Insidious (397)

Freebie (397)

Venue (399)

Incentive for sth (399)

Secular (401)

Zeal (404)

Prosecutor (404)

Solicitor (404)

Robust debate(405)

Mould the government (405)

Receive credit for sth (406)

Retraction (374)

Sloppy reporting (375)

To curb government excesses (380)

Comprehensive watchdog (381)

Information dissemination (384)

Checkbook journalism (384)

Talkback host (385)

Footnote (389)

Bias (391)

File a defamation writ against smb (396)

Advertorial (399)

Prolific (400)

Slant a story (401)

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