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Broadcast vocabulary

Ex. 7 Solve the crossword:



1 talent

3 worder

5 grab

7 cutaway

9 voicer

11 wrap

12 lead

13 signoff

14 intro

15 twoshot

2 throw

4 readercopy

6 actuality

8 noddy

10 closeups

Ex. 8 Interview quiz. Choose the variant(s) that best completes the statement or answers the question:

1-b; 2-cd; 3-c; 4-a; 5-bce; 6-bd; 7-c;

8 a, c – on the scene of the event; b – at the studio.

Ex. 9 Use the dictionary(http://www.macmillandictionary.com/) and find all the expressions related to journalism with the word “air”. Give their Russian equivalents and make up 3-4 sentences with some of the expressions.

  • To be on the air – быть в эфире

Turn on the radio. What’s on the air now?

  • To go on the air – выступать по радио, передавать в эфире

His program goes on the air each morning.

  • To air a program – транслировать программу

This program airs daily.

  • To be off the air – прекратить вещание

After just 3 episodes the series was taken off the air.

  • On-the-air program – вышедшая в эфир программа

Today’s on-the-air program is hastily made. It leaves much to be desired.

  • Over-the-air – выход в эфир

The over-the-air is in 5 minutes. Get ready!

  • On-the-air operation – работа в эфире

Our audience is quite satisfied with your on-the-air operation.

  • Air-concentration – уплотнение эфира

  • Air check detector – устройство контроля передачи в эфире

Our air check detector is broken. We shall need a new one.

Ex. 11 Translate the following text from English into Russian

Безответственный контроль сми со стороны частных организаций

Частные организации в сфере коммуникаций свободно подают пример, формируют отношения и влияют на поведение почти так же, как и правительственные, а, возможно, и больше благодаря четко направленным финансовым ресурсам. Эти медиа корпорации не всегда адекватно учитывают этические и социальные нормы, духовные и культурные ценности того общества, где они вещают. Таким образом, они способны привить конфликтующие или же оскорбительные ценности своей уязвимой аудитории, вызывая разногласия и беспорядки.

Во время войны в Персидском заливе по американскому телевидению часто передавали новости с картинками ракет и боевых самолетов. Фильм часто позиционировался как материал, отснятый Пентагоном, однако во многих случаях утверждалось, что это был лишь рекламный ролик, присланный прямо из пресс-офисов основных поставщиков военного снаряжения. Туда входила и компания General Electric, которая была единственным владельцем корпорации NBC.

В 2000 году представители CNN выразили беспокойство по поводу сообщений о том, что Евреи Америки начали распродавать акции контролирующей компании в знак протеста против освещения ситуации на Ближнем Востоке после нарушения мирного соглашения. С другой стороны, еврейские лидеры в США сообщили о том, что им удалось убедить CNN изменить их освещение конфликта. Стараясь успокоить критиков, CNN, к примеру, перестал передавать репортажи от специального корреспондента в Секторе Газа, а также прекратил называть пригород Иерусалима Джило «поселением».

Деятельность частных компаний в сфере СМИ работает в интересах общества и приспосабливается к разнообразию, популярности, гибкости и свободе мысли, а также к конкуренции. То есть ко всему тому, что отсутствует в государственных СМИ.

Ex. 12 Translate the following text from Russian into English

The term “interview” comes from English and means a “talk”. In order to build effective interpersonal relations it is necessary to resort to certain technological stunts. According to the content interviews are divided into 2 types: - documental interviewis a study of past events and facts specification; -opinion interviewthe goal of which is to reveal estimates, views and judgments, etc.

What will become the subject of an interview – facts, opinions, personality? Of course, it is possible to cover everything in one talk. But right here we face the relativity of every classification; it reveals only the dominance of 1 factor over the others. Thus, if in a portrait interview the interest in a personality dominates, it doesn’t mean that an interviewer must ignore facts and opinions.

Opinion interviewis the most widespread form of an interview. The interviewee can be a politician, a scientist or an unknown passer-by. The goal of such an interview is to learn the opinion of the respondent on a concrete issue. The interviews of this kind shouldn’t be complicated. They aim at the interviewee’s getting the opportunity to speak out.

Interview with a witnessis a talk with a person who became a witness of some event, an accident or a crime. In this case the task of the reporter is to let the interviewee express his opinion without disturbing or interrupting him with numerous questions or remarks. It’s necessary to keep in mind that in such an interview the silence of a reporter at the beginning of a witness’s talk can be more effective than the best question. At the same time, it shouldn’t be forgotten that in the interview of this kind there is much responsibility on the reporter. People in the state of shock often behave irrationally, failing to realize their behavior or emotions.

Interview “confrontation”is quite another genre. In such interviews the reporter must push the authorities to the wall and put them in front of the necessity to explain their actions. The system itself of preparing and conducting such interviews is different from the others. A friendly talk with the interviewee before filming is out of place here, nor is he/she offered to take a look at the upcoming questions and no test filming is done. The tempo and the tactic of such an interview have an offensive character. Still, it is necessary to remember that aggressive questions are far from being the best ones. On the contrary, oftentimes the most effective ones are those asked with comprehension and in a friendly tone but with an unruffled calm and confidence.

Interview “press-conference”.Under these conditions it is difficult to get a full-fledged interview. Generally, it is officials’ presentation of a certain issue where the reporter can obtain a commentary on this or that event. It is necessary to recollect one particularity of this interview – the reporter should outstrip the other reporters with his question. The material of the press-conference can be kept and used for other topics and programs.

Chapter 13

Ex. 1Match the words (1-19) with the definitions (a-s):

1-e; 2-c; 3-g; 4-a; 5-d; 6-i; 7-b; 9-f; 10-m; 11-h; 12-j; 13-p; 14-s; 15-n; 16-l; 17-o; 18-q; 19-r.

Ex. 2 Translate the following words and word-combinations from Russian into English using active vocabulary:

A freeze-frame; an all-news network; to stay abreast of smth; to hone one’s skills; amalgamation; smorgasbord; fad; focal point; fallacy; to cater for smb/smth; media convergence; angst; to bring smth in line with smth; to draw on smth; to look askance at smb; to lure smb into smth; to jump on the bandwagon; pat answer; adplexing.

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