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Table 5


in any following part of this document

ниже, затем, дальше (в документе)


by means of this declaration, document, or ruling

настоящим, этим; таким образом;


in this document, article, or proceeding

здесь, в этом (договоре, документе)


in a previous place in this document

Выше (упомянутое в этом документе),


later in this document, article, or proceeding

ниже (по тексту документа)


of or concerning this

из этого (в документах); в отношении этого (документа)


to this document, proceeding, or matter

к этому (документу прилагаемые или относящиеся)


up until this time

до этого (по тексту данного документа)


- after this introduction, heading, or sentence;

- by the terms of this document

- ниже (по тексту настоящего документа);

- в соответствии с настоящим документом


- with this communication: (letter or other written, typed, or printed message);

- by this statement: by this statement, ruling, or document

- при сем (прилагается);

- посредством этого, настоящим (сообщается)

WHERE+ in, by, upon, for, etc. = wherein, whereby, whereupon, wherefore,

whereto, wherewith

An adverb with the meaning of ‘in, at, or to which place or situation’, a reference is made in the text under study, changes its meaning depending of the combination it enters.

E.g.: The system whereby the Britons choose their family doctors and the government pays those doctors, is reasonably successful. – В Великобритании достаточно успешно действует система, при которой граждане выбирают себе семейного врача, а государство оплачивает его услуги.

Table 6


- for the reason that

- while in contrast

- принимая во внимание, поскольку;

- несмотря на то, что


By means of or through which

в силу чего, посредством чего


For what reason or purpose

по какой причине, для чего


in which particular place

в чем, в отношении чего


of or about what thing or person

о чем, о котором


where or to which

(к) которому


at which time or as a result of

после чего, вследствие чего

Exercise 82. Use the necessary adverbials instead of the words and phrases in


1. ‘J.H’ Ltd, later in this document to as the Supplier and Keats Pty, later in this document referred to as the Customer have agreed as follows … 2. As costs rise, there are several schemes by means of which you can pay now and die later, but not the reverse. 3. As of the effective date of this contract all previous agreements between the parties related to this matter as regards the subject of this document shall become null and void. 4. Cyber terrorism, a(n) up until this time unconsidered threat, was suddenly put on the world stage amongst a host of new potential threats. 5. Efficient management of creativity then succeeds in channeling these creative outputs into organizational goals, with the result of reducing the wastage of resources. 6. For the reason that today is a critical time for multicultural educators to provide leadership in schools and communities be it as a result of the fact that has just been mentioned resolved that members of the National Association for Multicultural Education dedicate themselves to re-structuring education to reflect the authentic histories, cultures, and conditions of the global community. 7. Here is established a Commerce Technology Advisory Board (in the following part of the document referred to as the "Advisory Board"). 8. I by means of this document renounce all the claims to the estate. 9. If the delivery date is not observed, the Seller shall pay to the Buyer penalty at the rate of 1% of the value of the equipment delayed for each commenced week for the first four weeks of delay, and 2% for each following commenced week. 10. If these circumstances last longer than 6 months, then each Party shall be entitled to cancel the whole Contract or any part of this Contract. 11. In any following part of this document the proposed objects are the rights for an invention and know-how related to the means of mechanical energy obtaining using heat engines. 12. Please find with this communication enclosed general information about Owners of enterprises, Manufacturers and General Specifications for some products. 13. Still, the compiler has up until this time ignored and should generally ignore documentation comments. 14. Terminating the agreement earlier if so agreed upon by the parties concluding this agreement shall constitute a legitimate right of the said parties under the provisions of this document. 15. The Client shall be entitled to file claims to the Company if the latter is in breach of any provisions of this contract, obliging the Company to comply with the terms of this contract and rectify consequences which are adverse for the Client and which occurred due to the Company’s default on its obligations after this sentence. 16. The commission's terms of reference cover the examination of the goods and objection to it. 17. The Seller shall undertake to eliminate the detected defects by means of repairing or replacing the defective equipment or parts of this equipment with new ones of good quality. 18. The stimulation of commerce is a use of the regulatory function quite as definitely as prohibitions or restrictions on the thing that has just been mentioned. 19. The surplus is to be paid for by the Buyers, while on the other hand shortweight is to be refunded by the Sellers. 20. The views represented in this document do not necessarily represent the views of the moderators. 21. The wood goods later in this document specified are subject to a variation in Sellers’ option of 20 per cent. 22. Treatment granted to Ukraine by the terms of this document shall in no case be more favourable than that granted by the Member States to each other. 23. We are sending you with this letter a statement of your account. 24. We by means of this declaration declare that we are committed to keeping the earth green and positively protecting the environment. 25. We have concluded the present contract by means of which it is agreed as follows…

Exercise 83. Choose the correct adverbials.

1. Any controversy arising … or in relation to this Agree­ment shall be settled in New York.

a) thereof

b) hereunder

c) hereafter

2. The Seller has agreed to sell said products to the Buyer upon and subject to the terms and conditions … .

a) hereto

b) thereof

c) hereof

3. Amendments to such terms may be made by telex or telecopy exchanged between the Seller and the Buyer, and the Buyer shall amend the letter of credit in conformance … .

a) therewith

b) herewith

c) hereunder

4. The Seller warrants that all of the Purchased Goods delivered … will strictly conform to the descriptions and spec­ifications set forth in Schedule2 … .

  1. thereof a) thereof

  2. hereafter b) hereof

  3. hereunder c) hereto

5. This warranty shall survive any inspection, delivery or acceptance of any Purchased Goods, and payment … by the Buyer.

  1. hereunder

  2. thereof

  3. thereafter

6. The Seller's obligations under paragraph* above shall not apply to any Purchased Goods, or part… .

  1. hereof

  2. hereby

  3. thereof

7. The foregoing is subject to the limitation of total liability set forth in Article* … .

  1. hereof

  2. hereunder

  3. thereof

8. Any and all disputes which cannot be settled through correspondence and mutual consultation of the Parties … , shall be finally settled by arbitration.

  1. hereof

  2. thereof

  3. hereto

9. The decision of the arbitrators shall deal with the question of costs of the arbitration and all matters related … .

  1. hereto

  2. thereto

  3. hereunder

10. Either Party… may terminate this Agreement at any time, should the other Party file a petition of any type as to its bankruptcy.

  1. herein

  2. hereto

  3. hereby

11. Whenever used in this Agreement, unless there is something in the subject matter or context of their use inconsistent …, the following words and terms shall have the respective meanings ascribed to them.

  1. herewith

  2. therewith

  3. thereto

12. The Article and Section headings contained… are included solely for convenience and are not intended to be full of accurate descriptions of the content ….

  1. therein a) hereof

  2. herein b) hereto

  3. hereof c) thereof

13. Execution by the Borrower of this Agreement constitutes, and its exercise of its rights and performance of its obligations … will constitute, private and commercial acts done and performed for private and commercial purposes.

  1. thereunder

  2. thereto

  3. therewith

14. We … request that the Lender make the Construction Advance on [date] in the aggregate principal amount of U.S.$ *.

  1. herewith

  2. hereby

  3. thereby

15. All disputes that may arise between the Parties from the performance of the Agreement or in connection … shall be settled by the Parties through negotiation.

  1. therewith

  2. thereto

  3. thereunder

Exercise 84. Translate into English.

  1. приложение к настоящему договору;

  2. если в настоящем договоре не установлен более поздний срок;

  3. быть вправе использовать счет в соответствии с настоящим договором;

  4. вступать в силу со дня подписания сторонами;

  5. частичное или полное неисполнение обязательств по настоящему договору;

  6. стороны настоящего договора;

  7. упомянутые в договоре;

  8. являться неотъемлемой частью настоящего договор;

  9. реквизиты сторон настоящего договора.

Exercise 85. Translate into Russian

  1. as expressly provided otherwise hereunder;

  2. either party hereto;

  3. constituting an inseparable part hereof;

  4. to make revisions in and amendments to the provisions hereof;

  5. the contract shall take effect from the date hereof;

  6. to the address specified hereinabove;

  7. with respect to the subject hereof;

  8. throughout the term hereof;

  9. the term of validity hereof;

  10. the appendixes enlisted herein;

  11. to be treated as integral part hereof;

  12. hereinafter throughout the text hereof.

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