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Contact of supply # 7

Kyiv _____________2003

The company _________________ represented by ________________ hereinafter referred to as the Продавецand __________________ represented by __________________ hereinafter referred to as theПокупательhave agreed as follows.


The Продавецsells and theПокупательbuys,на условиях СИФ Киев, the goods indicated in theспецификации(Приложение1), which is an integral part of this Contract.


The prices for the goods are in US $ as indicated in the Сецификации. The prices for the goods as indicated in this Contractна условиях СИФ Киев include theупаковкуfor international transportation andотгрузке,маркировке,транспортировкеandпогрузкеservices.

The ценыas per this Contract areтвердыеand areне подлежатalteration.

The общая суммаthe Contract is: US $ _________ (____________________).


The Покупатель is obliged to произвести оплату in USA $:

– 100% is to be paid in advance by telegraph to Банк Продавцаin 30 days from the moment of Contract’s signing as indicated inспецификации.

  1. Сроки поставки

The goods under this Contract are delivered according to срокамиmentioned inспецификации(Приложение1) no later than 3 monthsс моментаreceiving theаккредитиваby theПродавцомat his Bank in Vienna.

The Продавецenjoys the right of early delivery against the dates indicated in theспецификацииof this Contract.

Частичные поставки are authorized.


The Продавец guarantees:

    1. That the качествоof the goods supplied shouldсоответствоватьtheтехническому описаниюappended to this Contract. The действующий гарантийный период is 12 months с момента доставки to Kiev.

    2. The гарантийные обязательстваmay beаннулированыin the following cases:

  • if the equipment is поврежденоby receiver or theтретьей стороной;

  • incorrect installation of the equipment.


The упаковкаin which the equipment isотгруженоshallсоответствовать стандартам andспецификацииexisting in Ukraine and shallобеспечиваетprotectionв пути, if it is handled properly .

Each упаковкаshall bear the followingмаркировкуin the Ukrainian and the English languages:

Name of the consignee: ________________

Address: ______________________


Do not drop;

Держать в сухом месте;

Contract #

Транспортная накладная#

Вес брутто;

Box #.

The Продавецis responsible forповреждениеto the goods as a result of incorrectмаркировкиif the latter does notсоответствуетtheтребованиям к упаковке, on the way to Kyiv.


Отгрузка is performed на условиях СИФ Киев. The Продавец извещает Покупателя about отгрузке by telegraph, telex, telefax or telephone specifying the дату отгрузки, Contract #, name of product, number of pack, вес брутто, транспортную накладную.


All споры и разногласияwhich may arise due to this Contract orв связи сit shall beурегулированыthrough friendly negotiations between theсторонами.Споры и разногласияthat can not beурегулированыthrough negotiations areподлежат урегулированию in the State Arbitration of Ukraineв соответствии с the law in force.


The goods are considered to be сданы by the Продавцом and приняты by the Покупателем, the качество being в соответствии с the техническим описанием and the количество в соответствии с the number of упаковок indicated in the transfer накладной.


    1. The стороныare released from the responsibility for partial or complete failure toисполнить обязательства по Контрактуif this is consequence ofнепреодолимых обстоятельств, namely: fire, floods, earthquakes and wars, and if these circumstances affect directly theисполнение настоящего Контракта.

In this case, the dates fixed in this Contract are postponed в соответствии со the time for which such circumstances lasted.

    1. The сторонаwhich encounters the impossibility ofисполненияобязательств mustизвеститьthe otherсторонуin written about the onset and cessation of the вышеуказанных обстоятельств immediately, however, not later than 10 daysс момента their onset.

Late извещениеaboutнепреодолимыхобстоятельствахdeprives the correspondingсторонуof the right to refer to them subsequently.

    1. The prove of occurrence of the вышеуказанных непреодолимых обстоятельствand their duration will be the confirmation of corresponding higher level organizations.


In everything that is not provided for in this Contract, the стороныmay be guided by additional protocol to the Contract.

All измененияto this Contract areдействительны only in written form, and should be signed by bothсторонами.

Upon signing this Contract, all preceding talks and correspondence on it lose their force.

This Contract составленin the Ukrainian and the English languages, both co-piesимеют одинаковую юридическую силу.

Приложение: 1. Спецификация on ____pages.



Exercise 77. Find the equivalents of the following expressions and word- combinations in the above Contract.

В лице; неотъемлемая часть Контракта; указанный в; международные перевозки; согласно договору; платить вперед; пользоваться правом; прилагать к; возникать из; действующее законодательство; освобождаться от ответственности; частичное или полное неисполнение; создалась невозможность; наступление и прекращение; лишать права; ссылаться на; предусматривать; терять силу; руководствоваться.

Exercise 78. Find synonyms for the following word combinations:

    1. to conclude the Contract;

    2. to be governed by;

    3. non-fulfillment of the liabilities under the Contract;

    4. to forfeit the Parties to do sth.;

    5. relieve from the responsibility;

    6. arise out of or in connection with;

    7. to have equal legal validity.

Exercise 79. Fill in the blanks with the necessary words:

1. The S … sells and the B … buys the goods i … in the A … which is an i … p … of the Contract. 2. The quality of the m … supplied in a … w … the present Contract shall be in f … c … w … the standards in f … in Ukraine. 3. Neither of the P … shall be liable for c … or p … non-fulfillment of its o … if this non-fulfillment is due to the circumstances of F … M … . 4. All the Supplements, Invoices and A … to the p … Contract are its i … p … . 5. The P … have concluded the p … Contract a … f … . 6. ‘ABC’ h … r … to as the Seller and ‘BBC’ h … r … to as the Buyer have concluded the p … Contract a … f … . 7. In such event the Seller shall e … the r … to immediately take whatever action they consider necessary.

Exercise 80. Choose the correct word:

1. As shown / indicated in the Preface, we are concerned only in introducing the subject to the reader. 2. I look forward to receiving your payment in advance / beforehand of £50.000. 3. It is set out in a legally binding protocol which forms an integral / inseparable part of the treaty. 4. The agreement will provide / supply for a possible extension of at least two years. 5. The goods were delivered as regarded / per contract. 6. The law remained in force / action for over 300 years before it was rewritten. 7. The Parties are released / freed from any responsibility for part / partial or complete / full non-execution of their obligations under the Contract, if it was caused by force major circumstances. 8. The Party, which encounters / meets impossibility to meet obligations under the Contract, has to notify immediately the other Party on the beginning / onset and completion / cessation of the above circumstances. 9. The signatures of all group members should be added / appended to the contract. 10. They may help to negotiate with the fuel suppliers on your behalf where disputes arise / occurs. 11. This must be returned within five days, otherwise we reserve / enjoy the right to cancel the contract.

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