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  1. Drawings and technical documents

Within … days of the date of the signing of the present contract the Seller is to send the Buyer … copies of the following drawings and technical documents for each complete machine:

General view and assembly with main sizes of the equipment as well as a подробную спецификациюof all parts and assemblies of the machine.

Detailed technical description of the machine.

Technical conditions for testing the equipment; erection, maintenance and operation instructions, librication schemes, etc.

Foundation and installation drawings.

Working drawings of the rapidly wearing-out parts of the machine.

Certificates of the Boiler Supervising Board for the apparatuses operating under pressure.

All printed materials as well as надписиon the drawings are to be made in the … language.

In addition … copies of the вышеназванныхdrawings and technical documents as well as theСертификат качестваof the equipment or the Test Reportподтверждающийthat the equipment is manufacturedв соответствии сthe conditions of the contract, are to be wrapped inводонепроницаемую бумагуand packed inящикNo. … together with the equipment.

If the drawings and technical documentation are not placed in the ящикand sent to the Buyer beforehand, theпоставкаis considered noncomplete, and in this case theгарантийный срокis to startс момента полученияof the complete set of drawings and technical documents by the Buyer.

  1. Weight of the equipment

The weight of the equipment delivered is to correspond to the weight indicated in the спецификации, прилагаемой кthe present contract (Приложение1).

If the weight of any of the machines is … per cent lower than that указанного в спецификации, the price of such machine is to be reduced in proportion to the shortage in the weight on the basis of theсредней ценыof the machine per kilogram.

No дополнительная платаis to be effected for anyпревышение весаof the equipment. Theизлишек весаof one machine is not to be taken into consideration in case of shortage in the weight of another machine.

If the shortage in the weight of any machine or its излишек весаis more than … per cent of the weightуказанного в спецификации, the Buyer has the right to reject such a machine and the Seller is to replace it by another one.

  1. Inspection and test

The Buyer has the right to send his Inspectors to the Seller’s factories to check the process of manufacture of the equipment and the quality of the material and parts and to take part in the tests of the equipment. The Seller shall place at the disposal of the Buyer’s Inspectors, бесплатно, all facilities necessary for carrying out the inspection.

Before отправкойthe Seller is to test the equipmentв соответствии сthe conditions of the contract. If no such conditions are given in the contract, the machines are to be testedв соответствии сthe conditions existing in the corresponding branch of industry in the Seller’s country. The results of the test are to beзанесены вthe Test Report that is to be issued after the test.

… days before the test the Seller is to inform the Buyer of the readiness of the goods for the test.

The Release Note for погрузкуas well as the Test Certificates do not free the Seller from their obligationsрегламентированныхthe Guarantee clause.

The final inspection and test of the equipment are to take place at the Buyer’s plant in <country> after erection.

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