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3. Supply prepositions.

1. This event is being much commented … everywhere. 2. He wondered if the materials would be made use … 3. People all over the world hope that wars will be put an end … 4. She is quite well thought … 5. He is always listened … with great attention. 6. All his daughters are well provided … 7. After a long discussion the agreement was arrived … 8. The elder brother was sent … immediately. 9. Many aspects were touched … in his interview. 9. His terrible behavior was very much talked … 10. You’ll be laughed … if you tell him about it.

4. Supply the required form (active or passive) of the verbs in brackets.

  1. These books (should return) tomorrow. And those letters (be going to mail) tomorrow also.

  2. Aluminum is a valuable metal that (can use) again and again. Because this metal (can recycle), aluminum cans (should throw away, not).

  3. These days, even the most remote places on earth (visit) by tourists. Package tours (can arrange) for almost anywhere form the Himalayas to the Amazonian jungle.

  4. The house was large and completely (furnish) and (decorate). I think we (buy) it.

  5. Yesterday we (have) a very useful meeting, many questions (ask) and (answer) before we got to the truth.

  6. I (introduce) to him two weeks ago, but I’m afraid he (not recognize) me if he meet me again.

  7. Though the room never (use) aunt Carrie (dust) it herself every day.

  8. His relatives (send) for 3 days ago and meanwhile she well (take care) of for all that time.

  9. I (try) to understand what you (rely) on. I’m sure you (help) by them.

  10. The policemen are looking for a man who (rob) the bank. A lot of money (steal).

Test 12

  1. Put into the PASSIVE.

1. The children have eaten the cake.

2. The secretary is going to fax the letters.

3. A large number of people speak Spanish.

4. Will the news shock Pat?

5. More than 100 people have signed the petition.

6. When did someone invent the wheel?

7. No one collected the garbage yesterday.

8. People can’t control the weather.

9. No one has washed the dishes yet.

10. Mary is copying some documents.

2. Put into the active.

1. The student was asked to tell that story once again.

2. Moscow is very much admired by the visitors.

3. Light and heat are given to us by the sun.

4. The question hasn’t been answered properly.

5. The fire was finally got under control.

6. The plan hasn’t been at all thought out by the leader.

7. The house has been broken into and much jewelry has been stolen.

8. The sweater is being made by his grandmother.

9. Rice is grown in many countries.

10. We were invited to a Mary’s birthday party.

3. Supply prepositions.

  1. The terms were agreed …

  2. He was listened … attentively.

  3. His words may be always rely …

  4. My bad habits are done away …

  5. This boy is often laughed …

4. Supply the required form (active or passive) of the verbs in brackets.

  1. When I (arrive) at the airport yesterday I (meet) by my cousin and a couple of her friends.

  2. The Eiffel Tower (be) in Paris. It (visit) by millions of people every year.

  3. I (not have) my car today. It’s in the garage. It (repair) right now.

  4. This piece of music (know) to me. But it never (play) so wonderfully before.

  5. The weather changed for the worst. It (rain) heavily. The windows (break) by the strong wind.

  6. Nick (be) late for the meeting, so the problem (discuss) when he came.

  7. All our group (work) hard now. The new plan of the reconstruction of the town (work out) still.

  8. I (promise) the article (translate) by the time you return.

  9. Yesterday Prof. Boll (give) a very important lecture. The lecture (attend) by many students.

  10. It’s raining and football (not play) in the yard. Children (bore) because they (have to) stay at home.