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3. Find the answers to the questions.

  1. What happened on March 6, 1990?

  2. What is the origin of the term virus?

  3. What is a computer virus?

  4. How does a virus work? What parts does typical virus consist of?

  5. What information have you got about the Michelangelo virus?

  6. What virus does Macintosh suffer from?

  7. What are the main types of computer viruses and how do they differ?

  8. Is there any way to protect your IBM or IBM-compatible personal computer from viruses?

  9. Give some practical advice for novice.

  10. What programs can be used for protection of computers? Name them and explain their manner of work.

  11. Why do some people consider computer viruses important?

  12. Can you keep your computer free of viruses?

4. Complete the sentences.

1. A virus called Michelangelo had somehow spread … .

2. … the jargon of the computer industry to describe some of the bad things that can happen to computer systems and programs.

3. Some types of viruses include the worm, … .

4. If you use a shared PC or a PC that has public access, … .

5. … : virus shield, which defect viruses as they are infecting your PC, and virus scanners, which detect viruses once they’re infected you.

5. Match the following English words with their definitions.


a computer virus


to discover or recognize that something is present


antivirus program


something which transmits a disease or virus


a detonator


an unwanted program that has entered your system without you knowing about it


to erase


a device used to set off an explosion or other destructive process


to detect


a computer program that stops the spread of and often eradicates the virus




to remove all traces of something


an infector


stolen, obtained without the owner’s consent


a shield


a protective device

6. True or false statements.

  1. A virus is always lethal to your hard disk.

  2. Virus shield are more effective than virus scanners.

  3. Virus is the name generally given to software that causes malicious alteration of computer files.

  4. The virus will spread as soon as you put the infected disk in your PC.

  5. Most viruses spread through pirated games.

7. Translate the following sentences into Ukrainian.

  1. The first recognized virus was created by Fred Cohen while a student at the University of Southern California. His doctoral theses proved that computer code could replicate itself, attach itself to other files, and change the behaviour of the computer.

  2. The computer virus, of course, gets its name from the biological virus. The word itself comes from a Latin word meaning slimy liquid or poison.

  3. A virus that replicates itself by resending itself as an e-mail attachment or as part of a network message is known as a worm.

  4. Macro viruses are among the most common viruses, and they tend to do the least damage. Macro viruses infect your Microsoft Word application and typically insert unwanted words or phrases.

  5. The best protection against a virus is to know the origin of each program or file you load into your computer or open from your e-mail program.

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