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7. Translate the following sentences into Ukrainian.

  1. The notion of freedom of information and the ease of posting, copying and distributing messages on the Internet may have created a false impression that text and graphic materials on World Wide Web sites, postings in "usenet" news groups, and messages distributed through e-mail lists and other electronic channels are exempt from copyright statutes.

  2. The licenses restrict how and where the software may be legally used by members of the community.

  3. If you have purchased your copy, however you may make a backup for your own use, in case the original is destroyed or fails to work.

  4. Software developers also revise their programs to add new features from time to time and offer registered owners a reduced, upgrade price.

  5. Many software publishers offer a site license, which permits a customer to make multiple copies of a given piece of software.

  6. Place a copyright notice on each of your Web pages and other published materials. Spell out the word "Copyright" or use the encircled "c" symbol, along with the year of publication and your name, as shown in this example: Copyright 1998 EditPros marketing communications. If you're concerned about copyright protection in other nations, add: "All rights reserved."

  7. While copyright ordinarily belongs to the author, copyright ownership of works for hire belongs to the employer.

II Retell the text “Copyright law ”.

III Rendering

1. Read the text and translate it into Ukrainian using a dictionary. Copying software

Software security has been an industry concern for years. Initially, there were many questions: Who owns a program? Is the owner the person who wrote the program or the company for which the author wrote the program? Or, even simpler, what is to prevent any user from copying personal computer software onto another diskette?

Many of these perplexing questions have been answered. If a programmer is in the employ of the organization, the program belongs to the organization, not the programmer. If the programmer is a consultant, however, the ownership of the software produced should be spelled out specifically in the contract – otherwise, the parties enter extremely murky legal waters.

According to a US Supreme Court decision, software can be copyrighted. However, reality seems out of synch with the decision: although unauthorized duplication is specifically prohibited by law, very little can be done to prevent it. Software continues to be copied as blatantly as music disks.

Some software is considered to be in the public domain because its generous maker, probably an individual at home or an educator, chooses to make it free to all. Software called shareware is also given away free even though it is copyrighted; the make hopes for voluntary monetary compensation – that is, he or she hopes that you like it well enough to send a contribution. Both public domain software and shareware may be copied freely and given to other people. But the software that people use most often, such as WordPerfect or Kaspersky, is copyrighted software, software that costs money and must not be copied without permission from the manufacturer. Making illegal copies of copyrighted software is called software piracy.

There are lots of legitimate reasons for copying. To begin with, after paying several hundred dollars for a piece of software, you will definitely want to make a backup copy in case of disk failure or accident. You might want to copy the program onto a hard disk and use it – more conveniently – from there. Or you might want to have one copy at the office and another to use at home. Many software publishers have no trouble with any of these types of copying. But thousands of computer users copy software for another reason: to get the program without paying for it. And therein lies the problem.

The problem of stolen software has grown right along with the personal computer industry.

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