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3. Find the answers to the questions.

1. What is computer security? What does it mean?

2. Which loss is a more serious one? Loss of data, loss of software or loss of hardware.

3. Why is loss of data a more serious problem than loss of software or hardware?

4. What person is responsible for security of data?

5. What means of protecting data are well known?

6. What does it mean “applicant screening”?

7. What is a password? How does it help to solve the problem of security?

8. What is cryptography? What is it used for?

9. What do you know about built-in software protection?

4. Complete the sentences.

1. Computer installation of any kind can be struck by ... .

2. Loss of software should not be a problem if ... .

3. ... can be replaced.

4. Common means of protecting data are ... .

5. At the very least, employers should ... .

6. Good data protection systems ... .

7. ... by scrambling the messages ... .

8. Software protection can be built into ... .

5. Match the following English words with their definitions.

1. password


injury or harm impairing the function or condition of a person or thing

2. violation


give official permission for something to happen

3. cryptography


a person, business, firm, etc., that hires workers

4. employee


the process of encoding data so that unauthorised users can’t read it

5. damage (n)


a person who obtains unauthorised access to computer data.

6. employer


the science or study of analysing and deciphering codes, ciphers

7. authorized


person who is hired to work for another or for a business, firm, etc, in return for payment

8. encryption


a secret word, phrase

9. hacker


an action that is in opposition to a law, an agreement, principle etc

6. True or false statements.

  1. The process of scrambling a message is called encryption.

  2. The lost of hardware is the most serious potential security problem.

  3. The strongest link in any computer system is the staff in it.

  4. The most reliable ways of protecting data are password and built-in software protection system.

  5. One form of software protection system matches a user number against a number assigned to the data accessed.

7. Translate the following sentences into Ukrainian.

  1. Personal computer security includes such measures as locking hardware in place, providing an appropriate physical environment, and using a surge protector, a device that prevents electrical problems from affecting data files.

  2. Stories about computer crime continue to fascinate the general public.

  3. More employees now have access to computers on their jobs.

  4. Management interest in security has been heightened and now rushing to purchase more sophisticated products.

  5. Access to an automated teller machine (ATM ) requires both something you have – a plastic card – and something you know – a personal identification number.

  6. Some security systems use biometrics, the science of measuring individual body characteristics.

  7. Being a security expert is an unusual job because once the planning is done there is not a lot to do except wait for something bad to happen.

  8. Security experts warn that thieves can use stolen laptops to: enter viruses or faulty data into corporate and government databases, steal secrets from the disk drive and get passwords to access secrets in mainframes.

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