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8. Choose the most appropriate answer.

Wi-Fi is a -

a) type of computer

b) type of network cable

c) set of popular technologies and standards for wireless computer networking

d) set of computer programs that help people make money on the Internet

Which of these are forms of Internet service?

a) DSL

b) cable

c) dialup


e) satellite

f) all of the above

A home network router -

a) makes home computers run faster

b) enables safe sharing of resources among network devices in the home

c) helps people build Web sites

d) connects a computer to a television so that the video can be shared

An IP address is a numeric quantity that identifies -

a) a network adapter to other devices on the network

b) the manufacturer of a computer

c) the physical location of a computer

d) none of the above

A computer must have an IP address when -

a) connecting to a home network router

b) connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot

c) communicating with another computer using TCP

d) all of the above

A home computer network is sometimes also called a -

a) LAN

b) MAN

c) SAN

d) WAN

You can make telephone calls over the Internet using a technology called -

a) Intertel

b) Telenet

c) VoIP

d) VoRP

The purpose of a firewall on computer networks is to -

a) prevent computers from overheating

b) prevent unwanted network connections from being made

c) allow more than 4 computers to share the same Internet connection

d) allow pictures and video to be downloaded from a camera to a computer

Limewire, Kazaa and Bearshare are all examples of -

a) brand names of networking hardware products

b) Web sites that store MP3 music files

c) wireless network communication protocols

d) software applications for peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing

You can establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection -

a) only when using wireless connections to the Internet

b) only when using Ethernet connections to the Internet

c) only when connected to the Internet

d) none of the above

Bluetooth technology supports networking over -

a) Wi-Fi standard wireless radio connections

b) its own standard wireless radio connections

c) USB cable connections

d) Ethernet cable connections

II Retell the text “www”.

III Rendering

1. Read the text and translate it into Ukrainian using a dictionary.

Internet software

The language used for data transfers on the Internet is known as TCP/IP (transmission protocol/Internet protocol). This is like the Internet operating system.

The first program you need is a PPP (point to point protocol) driver. This piece of software allows the TCP/IP system to work with your modem. It deals up your Internet service provider (ISP), transmits your password and log-in name and allows Internet programs to operate.

E-mail is your favourite personal connection to the Internet. It allows you to exchange messages with people all over the world. It can include text, pictures, and even audio and animation. When you set up an account with an ISP, you are given a unique address and anyone can send you e-mail. The mail you receive is stored on the server of your ISP until you next connect and download it to your hard disk.

Web browsers. The Web is hypertext-based system where you can find news, pictures, games, online shopping, virtual museums, and electronic magazines – any topic you can imagine. You navigate through the Web using a program a “browser”, which allows you to search and print Web pages. You can also click on keywords or buttons that take you to other destinations on the net. This is possible because browsers understand hypertext mark up language (HTML), a set of commands that indicate how a Web page is formatted and displayed.

IRC-Internet relay chat – is a system for real time (usually typed) conversation. It’s easy to use. To start a chat session you run an IRC program, which connects you to IRC server – a computer dedicated to IRC. Then you join a channel, which connects you to a single chat area. Next you type a message and the other participants can see it.

Internet telephone and video chatting are based on IRC protocols. Videoconferencing programs enable users to talk to and see each other and collaborate. They are used in intranet – company networks that use Internet software but make their Web site accessible only to employees and authorized users.

With FTP software you can copy programs, games, images and sounds from the hard disks of a remote computer to your hard disks. Today this utility is built into Web browsers.

A Telnet program is used to log directly into remote computer system. This enables you to run programs kept on them and edit files directly.

Newsgroups are the public discussion areas which make up a system called “Usenet”. The contents of the newsgroups are contributed by people who send articles (messages) or respond to articles. They are classified into categories comp (computers), misc (miscellaneous), new (news) , rec (recreation), soc (society), sci (science), talk and alt (alternative).

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