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Comprehensive Composite



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Fig. 7.18 Mode HI edge crack torsion test (ECT). Mode/11 Interlaminar Fracture Test. The measurement of mode

IIIinterlaminar fracture energy can be done based on the out-of-plane torsion of a cracked plate specimen,26 as shown in Figure 7.18. A series of edge-crack torsion (ECT) specimens with different initial crack lengths are prepared. These are loaded in torsion by pushing down on one comer. The compliance can be determined from the initial parts of the load-load point displacement plots:

1 = A [ 1 - m ( b ) ]


Plotting 1/C against a/b gives m. The strain energy release rate for mode III, Giiic, is then obtained from the expression:

mp2C Gmc = 2Lb(1 - m(a/b))


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