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Text fast food

Fast Food - modern aspect of the catering trade - implies efficient, speedy service and a high sales volume.

Typical Counter Service Fast Food outlets: pizza restaurants, snack-bars, old-established fish-and-chips shops (in the case of Great Britain), etc. They mostly serve a "limited menu", for instance a McDonald's place will only offer you a "burger" accompanied by a milkshakc-chocolate or strawberry- flavoured- or a Coke. But some chains, such as Burger King, are trying a diversified approach and sell breakfast, special sandwiches, dinner baskets, salad and dessert. Fast Food covers quite a wide range of products and it is difficult to outline its limits.

The fast food industry is a typical US development, but now it is spreading very fast in other countries as well, especially in Western Europe, so this modern form of catering can not be ignored.

Fast Food features:

  • cheap (or inexpensive);

  • fast;

  • uniform;

  • clean;

  • informal.


diversified approach





— різний підхід

— заклад

— поширюватись

— ігнорувати

— супроводжувати

Ех. 1. Answer the following questions:

1. Have you ever been to a fast food restaurant?

2. What fast food outlets do you know in your city?

3. What method of cooking do the kitchen hands use to prepare

fast food?

4. What are the benefits of fast food?

Unit 9 text ukrainian cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine has long been noted for its appetizing variety of dishes. These dishes have been devised not only from a wide choice of products, but by combining different recipes and by preparing them in varied ways. For instance, the popular Ukrainian borsch has as many as 20 ingredients; in preparing it the ingredients are boiled as well stewed.

Many meat and fish dished are fried, stewed and so on, to give them an original taste, flavour and succulence.

Many dishes in Ukrainian cuisine are stuffed or larded. Especially tasty are dishes with meat and vegetables; cabbage rolls, beef and mushrooms stewed in casseroles, home-made Ukrainian sausage with onions, potato rolls stuffed with mushrooms, beets with rice, and others.

Ukrainian dishes made from poultry are very popular, for instance Cutlets a la Kiev.

Ukrainian national cuisine is rich in dishes and in a variety of delicacies made from flour. The most popular are vareniki, mlintzi, buckwheat bread, etc.

Ukrainian cuisine is also rich in fruit and berry desserts and drinks. For centures Ukrainians have prepared their own drinks: home­made nalivkas (fruit liquer), brandies, varenukhas, tertukhas, kvass and uzvarets.

The development of the food industry, a new variety of farm products and fish led to inventing new dishes. Despite the use of new products, kitchen-laboratory combined recipes and industrial technology of food preparation, the national essence of Ukrainian dishes has been preserved.

As a result of close economic, cultural and trade ties, a number of dishes of different nations from all over the world have been introduced into Ukrainian cuisine. And many Ukrainian dishes -borsch, vareniki, larded meat, home-made sausage, stuffed fish and others are especially popular abroad.

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