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Overview of Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O)

Oracle Data Control

Oracle Data Control (ODC) is an ActiveX Control that is designed to simplify the exchange of data between Oracle Database and visual controls such edit, text, list, and grid controls in Visual Basic and other development tools that support custom controls.

ODC acts as an agent to handle the flow of information from Oracle Database and a visual data-aware control, such as a grid control, that is bound to it. The data control manages various user interface (UI) tasks such as displaying and editing data. It also executes and manages the results of database queries.

Oracle Data Control is compatible with the Microsoft data control included with Visual Basic. If you are familiar with the Visual Basic data control, learning to use Oracle Data Control is quick and easy. Communication between data-aware controls and a Data Control is governed by a protocol that has been specified by Microsoft.

Oracle Objects for OLE C++ Class Library

Oracle Objects for OLE C++ Class Library is a collection of C++ classes that provide programmatic access to the Oracle Object Server. Although the class library is implemented using OLE Automation, neither the OLE development kit nor any OLE development knowledge is necessary to use it. This library helps C++ developers avoid the chore of writing COM client code for accessing the OO4O interfaces.

Additional Sources of Information

For detailed information about Oracle Objects for OLE refer to the online help provided with the OO4O product:

Oracle Objects for OLE Help

Oracle Objects for OLE C++ Class Library Help

To view examples of how to use Oracle Objects for OLE, see the samples located in the ORACLE_HOME\OO4O directory of the Oracle Database installation. Additional OO4O examples can be found in the following Oracle publications:

Oracle Database Application Developer's Guide - Large Objects

Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing User's Guide and Reference

PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference

Programmatic Environments 1-39

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