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Using Oracle XA with Transaction Monitors

This chapter describes how to use the Oracle XA library, which is typically used in applications that work with transaction monitors. The XA features are most useful in applications where transactions interact with more than one database.

The Oracle XA library is an external interface that allows global transactions to be coordinated by a transaction manager other than that of Oracle Database. This allows inclusion of non-Oracle Database entities called resource managers (RM) in distributed transactions.

The Oracle XA library conforms to the X/Open Distributed Transaction Processing (DTP) software architecture's XA interface specification.

The chapter includes the following topics:

X/Open Distributed Transaction Processing (DTP)

XA and the Two-Phase Commit Protocol

Transaction Processing Monitors (TPMs)

Support for Dynamic and Static Registration

Oracle XA Library Interface Subroutines

Developing and Installing Applications That Use the XA Libraries

Troubleshooting XA Applications

XA Issues and Restrictions

Changes to Oracle XA Support

Using Oracle XA with Transaction Monitors 16-1

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