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Publishing Java Class Methods


Specifies that a context pointer will be passed to the external procedure. The context data structure is opaque to the external procedure but is available to service procedures called by the external procedure.


Specifies the positions and datatypes of parameters passed to the external procedure. It can also specify parameter properties, such as current length and maximum length, and the preferred parameter passing method (by value or by reference).


Specifies which parameter holds the name of the agent process that should run this procedure. This is intended for situations where external procedure agents are run using multiple agent processes, to ensure robustness if the agent process of one external procedure fails. You can pass the name of the agent process (corresponding to the name of a database link), and if tnsnames.ora and listener.ora are set up properly across both instances, the external procedure is invoked on the other instance. Both instances must be on the same host.

This is similar to the AGENT clause of the CREATE LIBRARY statement; specifying the value at runtime through AGENT IN allows greater flexibility.

When the agent name is specified this way, it overrides any agent name declared in the alias library. If no agent name is specified, the default is the extproc agent on the same instance as the calling program.

Publishing Java Class Methods

Java classes and their methods are stored in RDBMS libunits in which you can load Java sources, binaries and resources using the LOADJAVA utility or the CREATEJAVA SQL statements. Libunits can be considered analogous to DLLs written, for example, in C—although they map one-to-one with Java classes, whereas DLLs can contain more than one procedure.

The NAME-clause string uniquely identifies the Java method. The PL/SQL function or procedure and Java must correspond with regard to parameters. If the Java method takes no parameters, then you must code an empty parameter list for it.

Calling External Procedures 8-13

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