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Developing and Installing Applications That Use the XA Libraries

Developing and Installing Applications That Use the XA Libraries

This section discusses developing and installing Oracle XA applications:

Responsibilities of the DBA or System Administrator on page 16-8

Responsibilities of the Application Developer on page 16-9

Defining the xa_open String on page 16-9

Interfacing XA with Precompilers and OCIs on page 16-16

Transaction Control using XA on page 16-19

Migrating Precompiler or OCI Applications to TPM Applications on page 16-21

XA Library Thread Safety on page 16-23

Responsibilities of the DBA or System Administrator

The responsibilities of the DBA or system administrator are

1.Define the open string, with help from the application developer. This is described in "Defining the xa_open String" on page 16-9.

2.Make sure the DBA_PENDING_TRANSACTIONS view exists on the database.

For Oracle Database Release 8.0:

Grant the select privilege to the DBA_PENDING_TRANSACTIONS view for all Oracle Database user(s) specified in the xa_open string.

For Oracle Database Release 7.3: Make sure V$XATRANS$ exists.

This view should have been created during the XA library installation. You can manually create the view, if needed, by running the SQL script XAVIEW.SQL. This SQL script should be executed as the Oracle Database user SYS. Grant the SELECT privilege to the V$XATRANS$ view for all Oracle Database accounts which will be used by Oracle XA library applications.

See Also: Your Oracle Database platform-specific documentation for the location of the XAVIEW.SQL script

3.Install the resource manager, using the open string information, into the TPM configuration, following the TPM vendor instructions.

16-8 Oracle Database Application Developer's Guide - Fundamentals

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