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PL/SQL Gateway

PL/SQL Gateway – a set of Web-server features that let you use PL/SQL stored procedures to process Web-browser (HTTP) requests and generate responses. A browser request in this context is a URL that represents a PL/SQL procedure call with actual parameter values. PL/SQL Gateway translates the URL, calls the stored procedure with the parameters, and returns output (typically HTML) from the procedure to the client Web browser.

In Oracle Database 10g, mod_plsql is a plug-in to Oracle HTTP Server that implements PL/SQL Gateway (mod_plsql is also supplied as part of Oracle Application Server).

PL/SQL Web Toolkit – a set of PL/SQL packages that application programmers can use to develop stored procedures that are called by PL/SQL Gateway at runtime. In response to a Web-browser request (URL), such a procedure accesses Oracle Database according to the browser-user input, updating or retrieving database information. It then generates an HTTP response to the browser, typically in the form of a file download or a web page (HTML) to be displayed. The Toolkit API provides ways for a stored procedure to obtain information about an HTTP request, generate HTTP headers such as content-type and mime-type, set browser cookies, and generate HTML pages.

PL/SQL Gateway

PL/SQL Gateway provides support for deploying PL/SQL-based database applications on the World-Wide Web. It is part of Oracle HTTP Server (OHS), which ships with Oracle Application Server and Oracle Database.

As part of the Oracle HTTP Server, it is the job of PL/SQL Gateway to interpret a URL sent by a Web browser to a Web server, call the appropriate PL/SQL subprograms to treat the browser request, then return the generated response to the browser. Typically, PL/SQL Gateway responds to a Web-browser HTTP request by constructing an HTML page to display. There are additional uses for the gateway, however. Here are two:

Transfer files from a client machine to or from Oracle Database. You can upload and download text files or binary files. See "Uploading and Downloading Files With PL/SQL Gateway".

Perform custom user authentication in Web applications. See "Custom Authentication With PL/SQL Gateway".

Developing Web Applications with PL/SQL 13-3

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