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Overview of Java Support Built Into the Database

DBMS_ROWID is used for employing ROWID values.

UTL_RAW is the RAW facility.

UTL_REF is for work with REF values.

Built-In Packages for Server Management

DBMS_SESSION is for session management by DBAs.

DBMS_SPACE and DBMS_SHARED_POOL provide space information and reserve shared pool resources.

DBMS_JOB is used to schedule jobs in the server.

Built-In Packages for Distributed Database Access

These provide access to snapshots, advanced replication, conflict resolution, deferred transactions, and remote procedure calls.

Overview of Java Support Built Into the Database

This section gives an overview of built-in database features that support Java applications. The database includes the core JDK libraries such as java.lang, java.io, and so on. The database supports client-side Java standards such as JDBC and SQLJ, and provides server-side JDBC and SQLJ drivers that allow data-intensive Java code to run within the database.

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Overview of Oracle JVM

Oracle JVM, the Java Virtual Machine provided with the Oracle Database, is compliant with the J2SE version 1.4.x specification and supports the database session architecture.

1-8 Oracle Database Application Developer's Guide - Fundamentals

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