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Overview of PL/SQL Program Units

If the privileges of the owner of a procedure or package change, then the procedure must be reauthenticated before it is run. If a necessary privilege to a referenced object is revoked from the owner of the procedure or package, then the procedure cannot be run.

The EXECUTE privilege on a procedure gives a user the right to run a procedure owned by another user. Privileged users run the procedure under the security domain of the owner of the procedure. Therefore, users never need to be granted the privileges to the objects referenced by a procedure. This allows for more disciplined and efficient security strategies with database applications and their users. Furthermore, all procedures and packages are stored in the data dictionary (in the SYSTEM tablespace). No quota controls the amount of space available to a user who creates procedures and packages.

Note: Package creation requires a sort. So the user creating the package should be able to create a sort segment in the temporary tablespace with which the user is associated.

See Also: "Privileges Required to Execute a Procedure" on page 7-45

Altering Stored Procedures and Functions

To alter a stored procedure or function, you must first drop it using the DROP PROCEDURE or DROP FUNCTION statement, then re-create it using the CREATE PROCEDURE or CREATE FUNCTION statement. Alternatively, use the CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE or CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION statement, which first drops the procedure or function if it exists, then re-creates it as specified.

Caution: The procedure or function is dropped without any warning.

Dropping Procedures and Functions

A standalone procedure, a standalone function, a package body, or an entire package can be dropped using the SQL statements DROP PROCEDURE, DROP FUNCTION, DROP PACKAGE BODY, and DROP PACKAGE, respectively. A DROP PACKAGE statement drops both the specification and body of a package.

The following statement drops the Old_sal_raise procedure in your schema:

Using Procedures and Packages 7-11

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