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Enabling PL/SQL Web Applications for XML

Browsers tend to be lenient when displaying incorrect HTML. But what looks OK in one browser might look bad or might not display at all in another browser.

Pay attention to HTML rules for quotation marks, closing tags, and especially for anything to do with tables.

Minimize the dependence on tags that are only supported by a single browser. Sometimes you can provide an extra bonus using such tags, but your application should still be usable with other browsers.

You can check the validity, and even in some cases the usability, of your HTML for free at many sites on the World Wide Web.

Enabling PL/SQL Web Applications for XML

You might find that a PL/SQL Web application needs to accept data in XML format, or produce tagged output that is XML rather than HTML.

When displaying output, you can set the MIME type of the Web page to text/xml so that an XML-enabled browser or other Web client software can render it as XML.

You can also use a number of built-in features like the XMLTYPE type, DBMS_ XMLQUERY and DBMS_XMLSAVE packages, and SYS_XMLGEN and SYS_XMLAGG functions within your application. For information about these features, see Oracle XML Developer's Kit Programmer's Guide.

Developing Web Applications with PL/SQL 13-41

Enabling PL/SQL Web Applications for XML

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