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Embedding PL/SQL Code in Web Pages (PL/SQL Server Pages)

exec show_url('http://www.oracle.com/protected-page.html', 'scott', 'tiger')

Working with Tables, Image Maps, Cookies, and CGI Variables from PL/SQL

Packages for all of these functions are supplied with Oracle8i and higher. You use these packages in combination with the mod_plsql plug-in of Oracle HTTP Server (OHS). You can format the results of a query in an HTML table, produce an image map, set and get HTTP cookies, check the values of CGI variables, and combine other typical Web operations with a PL/SQL program.

Documentation for these packages is not part of the database documentation library. The location of the documentation depends on the particular application server you are running. To get started with these packages, look at their procedure names and parameters using the SQL*Plus DESCRIBE command:




Embedding PL/SQL Code in Web Pages (PL/SQL Server Pages)

To include dynamic content, including the results of SQL queries, inside Web pages, you can use server-side scripting through PL/SQL Server Pages (PSP). You can author the Web pages in a script-friendly HTML authoring tool, and drop the pieces of PL/SQL code into place. For cutting-edge Web pages, you might find this technique more convenient than using the HTP and HTF packages to write out HTML content line by line.

Because the processing is done on the server -- in this case, the database server rather than the Web server -- the browser receives a plain HTML page with no special script tags, and you can support all browsers and browser levels equally. It also makes network traffic efficient by minimizing the number of server round-trips.

Embedding the PL/SQL code in the HTML page that you create lets you write content quickly and follow a rapid, iterative development process. You maintain central control of the software, with only a Web browser required on the client machine.

The steps to implement a Web-based solution using PL/SQL server pages are:

Choosing a Software Configuration

Developing Web Applications with PL/SQL 13-19

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