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V. Act out the situations:

  1. Your friend and you are speaking about your likes and dislikes as far as the weather and the seasons are concerned.

  2. Your friend has just returned from Sochi. He was on holidays there. You want to know about the weather.

  3. Your friend phones to invite you to the country for the weekend. You are not sure whether the weather will be fine. Your friend says he has heard the weather forecast. It will be warm and dry at the end of the week.

VI. Read the weather forecast and compose a forecast of your own for the region you live in:

Good evening and here is the weather forecast for tomorrow. Northern Scotland will be cold, and there may be snow over high ground. In the north of England it will be a wet day and rain may move into Wales and the Midlands during the afternoon. East Anglia will be generally dry, but it will be dull and cloudy. In southern England it will be bright clear day with sunshine, but it may rain during the evening. In the southwest it may be foggy during the morning, but the afternoon will be clear. It may be windy later in the day.

Our University

I. Words and combinations to be remembered:

  1. to found

  2. to train

  3. a higher institute

  4. full-time

  5. extramural

  6. five-point scale

  7. a shift

  8. scholarship

  9. the course of studies

  10. an academic year

  11. a term

  12. a senior student

  13. research

  14. to take an exam in

  15. a state exam

  16. a credit test

  17. post-graduate student

  18. Doctor of science

  19. a teaching staff

  20. practical training

  21. general subjects

  22. on graduation

  23. a scientific adviser

  24. to receive

  25. a field

  26. to head

  27. a scientific circle

  28. hostel

  29. a publishing house

  30. a skiing lodge

  31. to provide

  32. an assembly hall

  33. department


обучать, готовить


дневной, очный


пятибалльная шкала



курс обучения

учебный год




сдавать экзамен по …

государственный экзамен



кандидат наук

штат преподавателей

практические занятия

общеобразовательные предметы

по окончании

научный руководитель




научный кружок



лыжная база

снабжать, обеспечивать

актовый зал


II. Read, translate and retell the text: Text 1 Altai State Agrarian University

Altai State Agrarian University (ASAU) is one of the largest higher institutions of our country. It was founded in 1943. The University trains specialists for our agriculture. The university has several buildings. The main building is in Krasnoarmeisky Avenue.

There are two forms of training in the University: full-time and extra-mural. The course of studies lasts several years. Classes begin in September and are over in June. Students study in 2 shifts. A student's work is given a mark on a five-point scale.

The academic year is divided in 2 terms. After a term students take exams and pass credit tests. After every session students have vacations in winter and in summer. Students also have their practical training on different farms in the Altai Territory. Students who study well get scholarship.

The first- and second- year students study general subjects such as mathematics, physics, foreign languages and a number of others. The third- year students begin to concentrate on their special interests. Specialized study and courses help students to prepare for their future work.

A student's research work is a natural part of training. Leading scientists of the University work as scientific advisers. In the final year senior students write diploma papers and take state exams. On graduation students receive diplomas of specialists.

There is a post-graduate course in the University. Students may become post-graduate students and begin their researches in different fields of science. After some years of studies they may become Doctors of science.

The University has some faculties. For example: the Agronomy faculty, the Faculty of Biological technological management, the Faculty of Economics, the Engineering faculty, the Faculty of Nature management, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Center of Humanity Education.

The Rector heads the university. Every faculty is headed by the dean. There are many departments at the University. There are many different scientific circles at the University.

The University has some hostels, several libraries, a publishing house, a students' club, a skiing lodge, gymnasiums, and an assembly hall. Students can take part in different art activities and go in for sports.

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