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III. Read, translate and reproduce the dialogues: Dialogue 1.

  • Could you tell me a few words about Altai and its peculiarities?

  • One of the peculiar features of Altai is that it is situated at an equal distance from the four oceans, as the crossing of ancient trade routes. Besides it was the place where people came in search for land and freedom. In the XVIII century the territory of Altai was "the Silver Treasury of Russia".

  • When was the Altai territory founded?

  • As far as I remember, Barnaul became the center of the Altai territory in 1937. But in former times Altai was included in Tomsk province.

  • How many towns are there in Altai?

  • The teritory has 12 towns, and the capital city is Barnaul.

  • Is Altai famous for talented people?

  • Yes, Altai is the Motherland of many talented people such as German Titov, Vasily Shukshin, Valery Zolotuhin, Michail Kalashnikov and others.

  • Thank you, it was very kind of you to tell me about your territory.

Dialogue 2.

  • What is the climate like in the Altai Territory?

  • The climate is sharply continental with long and cold winter, which lasts as long as six months and hot summer due to which Altai is called "a Corner of Paradise".

  • What can you say about the landscape of Altai?

  • The landscape of Altai is varied. It's hilly and mountainous in the east; the smooth plane surface turns into steppe in the west. The unique pine forests stretch for hundreds kilometers.

  • Are there many lakes? What are they famous for?

  • Altai is famous for thousands of blue lakes. The largest is Kulundinskoye lake and the most attractive is Teletskoye lake. More than one hundred rivers flow into it and only one the Biya outflows.

  • Why is the Ob treated to be the most important water route?

  • There are few such rivers on the globe. Its length is five thousand kilometers. It begins at the foothills of the Altai Mountains and flows up to the Arctic Ocean. It washes the area of about 3 mln. square kilometers and links Altai with the Northern territories of Western Siberia.

  • Have you ever been to the Altai Mountains?

  • Naturally.

  • How did it impress you?

  • Oh, I've been to Teletskoye lake and I was greatly impressed by mountain rivers and rich vegetation.

IV. Ask your friend:

  • где расположен Алтайский край;

  • какая общая площадь Алтайского края;

  • какова численность населения;

  • какой город является столицей края;

  • с какими регионами граничит Алтайский край;

  • какой реки протекают по территории края;

  • какой ландшафт преобладает в крае;

  • почему Алтайский край называют житницей;

  • родиной каких знаменитостей является Алтайский край.

V. Act out the situations:

  1. Ваш зарубежный друг приехал на Алтай. Он спрашивает вас о том, когда образовался Алтайский край и каковы его особенности.

  2. Расспросите своего друга с Алтая о том, какая там природа, о местах , где он отдыхал, какое впечатление у него осталось.

  3. Ваш зарубежный партнер интересуется сельским хозяйством Алтая. Проинформируйте его.

  4. Ваш друг спрашивает, чем знаменит Алтай. Расскажите ему о знаменитых людях и культурных традициях Алтая.

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