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II. Read and translate the text, and then speak about your speciality and future profession: My Speciality

I study at Altai State Agrarian University. I am a second-year student of the Zooengineering department. After graduation from the University I am going to be a zooengineer at one of the agricultural enterprises. To get this profession I must study a lot of subjects and also work hard to pass tests and exams.

I think that a zooengineer is a very useful and interesting profession. People use animals to get such food products as meat, butter, cheese, eggs, and milk. The skins of some livestock provide such valuable by-products as fur, hair, leather, and wool. Various organs of livestock supply drugs used by a great number of people. Manufacturers use the feathers of ducks and geese in making bedding. Every year, livestock produce tons of body wastes that are used to fertilize the soil. This organic fertilizer increases the growth and food production of many plants.

A modern zooengineer should have analytical frame of mind and power of observation, practical abilities, love of nature and animals. As a specialist he must also have a deep knowledge of such subjects connected with his profession as biology, microbiology, chemistry, morphology, feeding of farm animals, processing of agricultural products and so on.

If we take, for example, biology we know that this subject gives information about various classes of living beings, their evolution and peculiarities of their life. Morphology is the science about inner structures of animals. 'Feeding of farm animals' helps a future specialist to learn how to make and to store different kinds of feeds. Besides there are subjects at our department such as English, philosophy, history which are useful for every educated and broad-minded person.

As for me, I decided to enter the zooengineering faculty because I like my future profession a lot. I have always been fond of biology and I think that it will be interesting for me to deal with different farm animals, to see how they grow and to help them in this process.

III. Answer the questions:

  1. Do you think that your future profession is useful? Why?

  2. What must you do to get this profession?

  1. What is a modern zooengineer? What abilities should he have? What sciences must he know?

  2. What are the most important subjects at your department? What are they about?

  1. Do you think English is important for your future work? Why?

  2. Why did you decide to enter the zooengineering department?

  3. Do you like your future profession? Why?

  1. Where are you going to work after graduation from the University? What will you do there?

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